Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Its" a good thing...

A friend came to visit and left her

hat and Miattabroom. I thought the

hat looked like "It" on the Adams

family (?) when I put it on

the rabbit that is the official

greeter here, sitting there in

shadows with a breeze moving

the hair ever so slightly while the

cock is crowing in the distance,

calling out his every morning

soliloquy on companionship...he only

has about 6 in his harem at the



Anonymous said...

If clothes make the man, then hair makes the rabbit. If you ever read the children's book "Bunnicula' you would laugh at the though of creating your on Vampire Rabbit...funny photo!

winna said...

No I never heard of Bunnicula---but just now looked it up--why those are my ideas, I have stored away--well, that answers the age old question of "are there any new ideas?" Which I guess is,"Well, maybe and sometimes, yes or all depends on who publishes first....maybe, I dunno..."
Thanks for letting me know---E J Mordasky

Anonymous said...

Cool looking rabbit. Doesn't seem to mind the outfit!!