Sunday, January 31, 2010

Peanut Butter Madness

For all you peanutbutterloving addicts out there

here's today's creation---yummy!


Peanut butter


Sweetened Weight Watchers cream cheese

(with Sweet and Low)


skim of Fig&Walnut spread (a Xmas gift)


half the Banana sliced


of course use a bread made with whole

wheat and trim the crusts


Dream up your own new creation!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heads of Fate


I don't imagine anyone person can name all of these

Heads Of Fate hanging on a shelf edge in the

office/studio where I create something usually

daily---anything elephant size must be done in

the Studio Up or Studio Down located elsewhere. But you can try.

I think there's one in there, that will stop a perfect score.

I believe through fate, these different people have

come into my artistic life as inspirerators---

of course there is not room on this one shelf for all of them

so I may start adding to the living room up by the ceiling---

its hard to stop this urge to pay tribute..


There are 5 who have passed on

one Eastport soul, one teacher from Utah,

one brother, 3 enthuiastic female friends, 8 who

write or have been written about,

2 photographers, and several

are great wits..


As I see these folks here in this room, if any of them

give me uncomfortable vibes they will be

exchanged for others---can't have negativity

here where I work...that's self distructive

Monday, January 4, 2010

Motivating Face Masks

You have to see Lynn Perrella's book

Art Making and Studio Spaces and do

whatever it takes to own a copy...It almost

instantly worked its magic on me as a

book of messages --and validation of

sorts as I felt my accumulated "stuff

was taking over---Bill Wilson's place was so

me in many ways and inspired moi to HAVE to

make face masks like the one you see in the photo.

The face mask is from a recent painting of a

fisher man in Eastport that I do not know..

The Mask appears to be sitting in an old chair that awaits

infrequent visitors to my office/ studio

realm...then you notice there's no body but

at the same time he is somebody that

left an impression on me and

has become part of Eastport to me

.People inspire me in what they say,

do or even just the way they move

or express themselves. To have them hanging

around shakes me to recall the connection made and

this tap on the shoulder each day is positively welcome.