Monday, March 31, 2008


I include the small painting of
the French Guinea Hens
that have patrolled my yard
from their neighboring home for
a few years now---the flock has
dwindled and they come not so frequently
now---I hope this summer to catch some
shots of them, but they remain skittish
and do their job of squawking and
letting all know of danger in the area---I
guess that would be me and my camera,
they figure is quite threatening.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Loyal Waiting

When I see dogs waiting for their
owners to return, it always promotes
a reaction of admiration for the dog's
loyalty-----the very fiber of their being,
seems to be intent on the "return" Their eyes
dart around, their paws dance a bit, no wind
can deter the stance.....

Saturday, March 29, 2008


One of my favorite things to
photo are doorways and that
catagory has a lot of variety, which
is what interests me, even if I
don't find the shadows I love

Friday, March 28, 2008


Now here's another idea for a book
waiting to be written----I am, like the rest
of you, anxious for a weather change to
sunny Spring rebirth inspiring days---
dusting off the bloomin' cobwebs of my
winter mind and just smiling a whole lot.
This photo started out as one bird in a tree
and sort of branched out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I want this favorite trompe set up of mine

included in the 1 year journal because I love

it so much. Just gathering the jointed ceramic

doll, my mother's handkerchief, the bee pin

my grandson found for me, the touch of red old bird

card, the red ribbon used in a trompe with my Dad

and the handwritten note from a lost friend---all

combine to exude emotions. I must

admit, I do not know where this painting
is right now,

and hope some day in the future it delights

another's imagination.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barrel Bird Bake

A poster composed on the
scanner for the Barrel Bird Bake Band
or the B&B's from southern Ireland.
Their latest CD, "Hedgerow"
is jumping off the charts and this is
all, entirely made up for today's blog.
I wanted to do something creative
and love to design things like this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Reclusive Ram

My first ram sighting was way back on the neighbor's
wall, where I thought he looked like
one great model for me

Then months later, out by the roadside,
I got another photo as I just happened to have the camera
in the car, then, he turned around and went back
over the stone wall never to be seen there again
by me. He could be in Timbucktoo by now, lolling
in an elaborate tent, nibbling on grapes amongst
his harem of goat beauties with no qualms about
going AWOL from me. Men !

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Connection

I 'm wondering how many other people still use an

old Princess style phone. This one was made

by Sears Roebuck maybe in mid '70s.

They started out being too lightweight so

they flopped around on table tops, they

lit up and came in colors. When JFK

was shot they made some Black ones.

I use this one in the computer room, unless

it's some sort of tech call, then I'll have to go out and

find my portable one for hands free work. It was my fathers

and I see he had his children's numbers written on the

receiver handle--

(back then, that must have been a selling feature)---

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Touch of Red

Saturday March 22 2008
This is the first time in all these years when
I pulled the car over to take a photo of the Hollow
Pond, that a person was there to be part of the
scene--the traffic got busy so the shots I
took depended on if a car was comming
or not. In this really cold wet Spring time
you can still see the second red barn ( I like to get
that touch of red in the scene a lot) that will
be hidden by trees later--I feel fortunte
to live near this place as it presents itself,
in my mind as one of
Mother Nature's paintings of
a New England rural pond
that is one of the best. Too bad it
won't be there forever---like
the way of all things---

The Orange Bowl

To get something up for today, when
I am laid up with a back problem, I found this
diced fresh orange rind that'll have to do for
color themewise---I always like adding this
to yeast bread--with such a heavely aroma baking.
I froze this and hope it works in some future
bread making frenzy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peachy Dream

Soft peachy roses just melt my heart. I believe I
bought these for myself as the attraction was
so strong. It's 'my flower' along with all the
other Gemini born . 'Peachy Keen' is a
1953 version of 2008's 'hot'----also in
some areas, 'shrewd ! ' was used to
describe something 'cool'

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dried Leaf Browns

Wednesday March 19 2008
Below is a shot of leaves
near my front porch I took
for it's value as background
interest in some project----I like
the looks of them, too as they
have lots of texture and
shadowed depth.
You can see below, how the background
leaves worked for a new sketch book
cover hiding the old stamp ink blotches
it had accumulated. I should do
some fresh sketches soon as I have
been lax in that department

Wednesday March 19 200

Monday, March 17, 2008

Captured Colors

Hanging in the kitchen window
is a crystal dangle where
all the colors are crisply captured
except the green, which
seems pretty subdued. Thank
you Nancy Schwanda for this
gift that keeps on giving.

Green Growing

The emerald greens by this
fence next to a castle had
me wondering what they were
and perhaps who they were
peeking out

Above, taken up close to a Listowel, Ireland

hedgerow---all manner of things growing

and surely some very tiny people

are keeping watch about the place.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Sunday March 16 2008
Jillyanna would sit staring out of the

school house window hoping to catch a

glimpse of Jeremiah's ship returning

She was one of many

village waiters. At last,

early one chilly morn, it appeared in

the fog shrouded bay, with tattered sails

and no crew aboard.

A life shared was not to be for her,

but, never the less, hope lived

on in her heart.

Sea Blue

A page in a book I am altering has vibrant
blue textured background, my ship's figurehead,
skeltered stampings, ship, maps and part of the
original page showing. I will be taking
a class where many different kinds of
techniques will be explored. Forcing me to
try these looser things is how I learn and
explore my mind-----I hope :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008


An ArtZine photo shows Goth must
have been around way back in the Victorian
era. However, only 1 in 14 outed herself
for the class photo.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Red Heads

Discovered in Vermont, waiting to warm
up the cabin---they just looked so
jaunty to me. Delights often are
small in size but big in impact.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


On the chimney top across the street, there are
usually a flock of pigeons sitting, visiting, coming or
going. So to see just one made me wonder
how lonesome he might be or perhaps happy to
rule the roost if only momentarily...........
When trying to separate paper coffee
filters---blow on the edge
This really works !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In A Yellow Springtime Scene

This is the very first Forsythia flower
that bloomed in the living room !
I took the photo yesterday, and
one today, with so many
more flowers.
---I am amazed at how well
the project worked and it truly
does bring Spring to mind each
time I glace at them. I used a rubber
head hammer to flatten the ends
really well and that may be a
reason they bloomed even if
they didn't have the best of

Monday, March 10, 2008

Red Eye Dancing

I bought this red onion to make a stew, for two reasons--
one being it was the best price and two, because
I liked how it looked. The stew had to wait
for me to photo the onion, taking several
shots and the stew would have had a
stronger onion flavor if I had not used
this kind---I believe it is milder for salads.
But WOW ! what a subject to photo.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

More wind damage

As you can plainly see, the Ron Paul
sign got slightly tipped over by the winds
last night. Sure cleaned all yards of any
excess leaves and branches. The
long howls sound so appropriate
being near a cemetery. They are still
constant and make you feel safe
to be inside drinking coffee.

Barrel View

Taken five minutes ago off
the back porch
when I went to see
what the wind did
out there last night
Not too bad for all
the strange weird howlings
that went on---I see
two (of out 6, not bad, for me)
of my waste barrels
across the street---hope they
stay there till I get them...
only one shows in the photo.
Memo, if you walk by barefoot
today, beware of the
curled back sardine tin
near my lawn's edge.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I love this little cross stitch for
it's vintage look. It's colors
have mellowed with age,
it has been done by a hand
stilled by time, and its
message teaches truth.
This simple statement
can shake and shape
our lives for the better.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I sure never saw anything blossom
so fast ! ( and still haven't.) This is
last year's crop and such a favorite
of mine to look at and think of my
mother, Mary and her mother, Letitia.
Listen to them:
Letitia: "May-ree, go out side
n' pick a bunch of those sweet violets
for the center of this angel cake for
Aunt Cora. She's coming up from
the island for a visit"
----then in later years,
Mary: "Jill, go out and see
if there's any violets for Nana's
place at the supper table."
and now
Jill: "Kimberly, don't drive
over the violets with the mower !"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coming Soon !

Coming very soon, to this very spot---
many violets will surround the base
of the birch clump on the front lawn
---today I saw some teeny weeny green
leaves that don't look violety---and
bits of moss brushed with the color
of Ireland---since the temperature was
up to 50 degrees I went out to
capture some promise of Spring---
this morsel of new growth gave me
hope! I don't think it exists anymore,
but there used to be a perfume
called Violettes, (I think)-----
a striking white haired woman used to walk
by my house wearing it and often
wore lavender colors too....
making her a Queen in my eyes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Pitcher of Vermont

Actually, this is on a hilly, back road
in Chester, Vt. and I thought at the
time, how wondrous this spot would
look in the Winter. Since I am doing
the blog for a full year, to leave as a
legacy for my family, I am
posting photos I love
and this is one of them.
Project hint:
1. Make print of the
pitcher any size you want.
2. Cut out carefully...
3. Write message on back
4. Laminate (I take to
Staples, as they do it
heavy duty) several at once.
You might as well fill the
whole laminating sheet with
whatever you want.
5. Cut out, leaving edge to
have good seal.
6. Punch hole.
7. Add key chain or ribbon
for attachment to gift or
key use.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Using Force

Since Mary/Martha was such a help
and gathered the Forsythia branches
for me, I have them in water, with the stems
crushed. They are in the living room which
is not sunny but will get some light, so
we'll see if they force bloom for
a Spring in the house joyfest.
I have one small branch in a kitchen window
and I rather think that might
bloom better.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Going to Maine

This am, I made a print of this Pretty Peonies
photo for a true Maine woman. I so like the
idea of something I made, going to the
homeland--it's like a piece of me will be
present in the gull's cry, a pine tree or
on the sea breeze air of
the place I love the best..... for a long time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Soon after arriving at the party, someone was pressing something on my back which puzzled me, till I turned to ask what was this all about and then knew it was a game to play---goodie, I LOVE games. We all had to guess who we were by asking questions throughout the evening. I got it down to: I was a now deceased blond actress, that might sing occasionally, and was notorious. Of course, you see the photo so it's no biggie to have the answer right off. I did guess it by then, too and could hear her saying, "Why don'tcha come on up and see me sometime"--- but could I come up with the actual name? No way....time passed and a friend finally took pity on me and remarked she may have come from the West---so then I got to thinking of Dale Evans and how she wasn't a blond---and Annie Oakley wasn't either---so, it took Anne repeating it to me to "get" the clue and then the name came it came "tumbling" out.....which is what often happens, with my name being Jill.

Creative Paths Party

Last night at a Creative Minds Gala in a

lovely old Broadbrook home, a gathering

of 18 people with varied lives,

interests ......each with their own special take

on whatever part of the creative

journey their lives are on. With my fluttering

mind and three glasses of wine, its a wonder

I can recall my own name. let alone theirs.

Also a marvel is, that any photo I took was worth

posting. I chose this one because you are

seeing two excellent writers---

one is Russian and a skater and the other

you may read her work frequently.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

How Does This Work?

On a window sill, a sea star reflects its underside
two times and that almost seems impossible --how
can the further away one even be there?