Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now and again, I bother to cook breakfast

Cooking Alone with Winna--(oxymoron?) I'm sure we've all read a delicious sounding recipe and had only some of the ingredients---this was the case here in the string shoot of Flaming Hot I Yi Yiiiii Corn Cheese Egg Somethingorother...which became "Jill's Cheese Egg Omelet"... using more butter than usual for me. I used Irish butter, two eggs, some Seriously Sharp Cheese and half an onion I had left over...I could make it again sometime and use the corn with some fiesta seasoning added--IF I get the urge. The onions cooked in butter
until very very brown made this extra good for me.
The reason in the first place, to take the photos was for a sketch spread
Below the basic ingredients laid out


Anonymous said...

I'll be right over, sure looks good!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Anonymous said...

we really should have lunch at least once a week here in town--and others can join us if they have the inclination---I'll post it and we'll see how nobody else shows up, tee hee. I'm serious....Jilletta

Anonymous said...

This was fun to "watch". Looks delicious. Do another one sometime. I'm sure it's not much trouble to try to cook and photo at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!
Did you make it today because I wasn't walking by? I bet you would be afraid that we would invite ourselves in.

M.K. Scheibe said...

Oh man are you trying to make me hungry? I love your work, by the way...