Friday, November 14, 2008

UConn Ages

I was driving around the UConn campus
which is not too far from home, and
had time to get a photo of a student at
at stop light--her pom poms dancing
on her boots were so darn lively.
I had already taken a shot of the
old barn which always looks new
as they maintain it so well, and
to combine the two made
the sketch interesting to me.
UConn started out as an agriculture
school back in 1881. This is where
my husband went after his
stint in the Army--which resulted in
a partnership with his brother in a dairy
farm which was a darn good place to
raise 5 children.
Now I am
such a fan of the girl's basktball team
I plan my life around their games!


Anonymous said...

Did you stop at the Dairy Barn for some awesome ice cream??? No trip down there is complete without stopping!

Anonymous said...

JIl, Jill, she's the one
Drove down to UConn
To have some fun
Sketched it up for us to see
She fills our life with artistry
When all is said and the truth is told
We love our trip inside Winna's World!

David said...

I simply love the full page spreads. They are so vibrant. It looks so neat to have the whole page filled.

Anonymous said...

Great poem.
Robert Frost

Luba said...

This is such a great spread!!