Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kid Brother

I did have a kid brother in 1949, but he was
younger than this perhaps 9 year old...
thinking about matters of concern to him.
I think my generation was the last age of innocence
and my brother thinks his was---- I base my summation
on no drugs on the scene except for some Hollywood
star getting caught smoking pot. We did live in a
dark brown house with brick foundation and not shown
is an incredible attic. My brother will want to
know why I didn't have his really snazzy hightop
sneakers showing and the answer is, I wanted a
horizontal spread----you do see the tops
of his jeans where the really wide roll
up of the pant leg shows---better than
falling off I say. Before I put the watercolor
pencils away I counted I used 17 for
this spread.


Sue said...

Pretty cool. I like all your work actually. The subject and the way you depict things. Nice atmosphere is what I mean.

Oh, I live in Maine too - in Wayne.

winna said...

This sketch is in Auburn Maine where I grew up...Email me about what Wayne is

Anonymous said...

"KIds, what's the matter with kids today?' I'm sure every generation has sung those words. Although, I think being a parent is much tougher today than in 1949.

Lynn said...

This is a great drawing! I really like your unique style.

Anonymous said...

OMG I look like our father.
What's with that nose, I look
like Joe Louis. I didn't know who John Wayne was, cartoon show's on Saturdays were more my speed. 16 little movies for a quarter. Wow was I ever that little.

Cheryl said...

Really great stuff, Winna. This really evokes a feeling and a sense of being there in the moment. My Dad would appreciate this as I imagine it would conjure up all kinds of memories for him (He would have been 13 at the time). I've seen pics of him with his pants rolled up just like that and I thought - "how silly".....knowing that for him it was "so cool!" Cool is relative isn't it?! Anyway - lovely work!

Ricardo Sérgio said...

Great drawing.

freebird said...

Great page. You can always draw his hi-tops on another page. I like how you told so many things about the time in a short "thought" by your brother.

Anonymous said...

I have another page planned with the hightops---but also have some other pages that I will do first and may never get back to the sneakers--we'll see---not enough time in sevral lifetimes to do all I want....probably the same for you....EJM