Friday, April 30, 2010


Just took this on my front porch

for another window picture as

I am collecting them with my camera.

I liked the layers here . There's the cat

dummy board I painted long ago that

has become the Watch Cat for my house

and then there's me in the reflection

and across the street the old barn that

is for sale with the house of an old friend..

I love a mystery and here is one in a window.

You just have to use your imagination

here and cook up a plot.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tees for You

Making a neck piece with old t shirts was a fun

thing to do--I saw the directions in

Martha Stewert's Whole Living... and HAD to try it

Here I have combined two sets of colors

with a vintage pin I KNEW someday, I'd

use in a "project" of some kind. The sky is

the limit in making these.

Perhaps, you can get the easy directions

on her site.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here One Day... Gone the Next

(left click on photo to see larger)
One day last week coming home from the post office in the Hollow I drove by this house about a mile from mine---then turned around to go back and take some photos--both sides of the lawn had the flamingos all over the place, there was something hanging on one's neck
by the sign and also a smaller sign with writing which I was not about to
go up in the yard and read...
It made me laugh to think of the people responsible for the display
and how much giggling must have gone on. I believe the next day
it was all gone. like it never happened. It is good to have
your camera with you !

Monday, April 26, 2010

Side Track Find

As often happens, I got sidetracked this am
going up to the old bigger studio where the
classes were held hundreds of years ago
it seems. After sewing on a patchy
pink thingy I hung up the coffee cup I
had brought up to hang back on the class
cup board which brought memories back
of a missed student, It was then I saw the
Vincent Starry Night Guy cup I had for
gotten about---well, that HAD to come down
to the little computer/art room at least for
awhile--so now it was photo it and
write this and be thankful I did get
sidetracked---the sunflowers on
the cup are uplifting to me...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Odd Dream From Long Ago #239

(left click on photo to see it larger)

This is an Every Day Matters group Challenge #239
with the theme of "Something that scared me."
In the dream I was at a deli counter
trying to buy some pearls when a policeman
stood by me with his gun holstered, looming large.
I was terrified he would shoot me mistakenly--
- thinking I was robbing them of the
pearls.....pretty nutty situation, but
a dream I never forgot. Now that I look
back I can recall a traumatic situation
where I was wrongly accused by an authority
figure--which crushed me to pieces
Maybe that's a rather late
dream interpretation....
you may notice I have a bandage
on my thumb--not in the dream--just
for the photo I took of my
hands to help me draw them
right--I recently stabbed it
opening a package--with a really heavy
duty sheet rock knife.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess What

I sent this out to some people I thought
would "get" the answer to "what's this
I am doing?"---
well one of them has tried with three
guesses---I finally gave a clue out...
it's really not hard.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Art Journal Page Process

(don't forget to left click on photos
to see them larger)
"Juicy Fruit" began with a photo I had taken
of a handcarved crow that I stuck a strawberry on...
see it emerging below on a page in my small Moleskini
Sketch book...I've have drawn it in pencil and
then inked it in with a black Pitt pen
Now you see it spreading over to the left page and becoming a
'spread"----here you the the first sketchy look

Then that side is inked with the pen and it is now ready to add color
with watercolor pencils, waterbrushes and
some acrylic paints
,...Mellencamp has a good beat...

Here I used Black acrylic (in the bottle) paint for
the solid rich background I happen to
frequently use..
it's now ready for color...

I just hope the colors sing and bring the delight I felt.
You'll notice the fairly new winnaname logo I have designed
which goes on some works. It surely amazed me
how this glass container in the fridge keeps the berries
just like fresh ones

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Altering Progression

( Left click on photos to see them larger )

This book belongs to Donna Sledzik, with the

theme of Halloween--

in the Inspiration Station group, books

are passed around each month so many will alter pages in

several books. I love Halloween images and looked

forward to doing Donna's .

The photos are all ones I took in Maine.

in Durham with the really scary

scarecrow where Steven King lived

in his teen years, to the center spread taken in

the window of Orphan Annie's in Auburn, Maine

where each year authentic vintage displays

look super and then there's the

what looks like a perfect crypt door for a

horror movie---but it's in Auburn, too.

Here's the book to be altered

The pages were covered and then folded

for unusual look

It DOES warn you not to look

in her eyes....

this would not be a good thing

Morning begins...

left click to see photo larger...
This mornings' read is so packed with
visual and written delight I can only
look at two pages and I have to
go to my small studio and create something,,
this am, it's this post on my blog...
" the bookholder is set
with my first of day nest
of ideas that lie
in a creative sigh...."
e j mordasky

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pesto Perfection for One

This is a breakfast

sensation as far as I'm concerned

somewhere I saw mention of putting

fresh mint in homemade pesto sauce---I

think on a gluten free site--can't recall.

I have loved Pesto and eaten it all over

the USA even talking with a few chefs

about it that came to my table--it seems in

some chef schools there is a friendly

contest on who makes the best pesto etc.

One mentioned to me that he preferred walnuts

instead of pine nuts and that had been

what I was doing and thinking it was really not

apropos. Basicially this is whole wheat round

bread duo toasted with pesto and a lovely

fried egg sprinkled with peprika--it needs

no seasoningas for the pesto has it all.

I make pesto for one in a Black and Decker

(manly made, I think :-) Handy Chopper..

toss in some basil, mint, and parley in equal amounts

then add some sea salt, minced garlic, oil and walnuts the chopper for a treat! Make it to

your tastes and invite me to breakfast :-).

I am crazy about this dish !!

"Front Porch Bench"

(left click on photo to see it larger)
An arrangement set on the porch bench (how I love how this
old church pew has aged in 50 years) for people to
see as they come to the door, be they dragons, dames,
delivery men or even doggies . Not many people
do stop by but this is an eye catcher
that starts light hearted conversations.
The pineapple I had last week and can't seem
to toss the tops
til they've adorned some spot for
awhile, the bottle is
part of a small green glass collection
upon top of a
filing cabinet and takes on
a new life out on
the porch.
The heart made of stone
surely might break if it falls
to pieces .....
I post such things hoping you too,
will find enjoyment of this sort
on your own front porch.
check out my flickr site
by clicking on the top left

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cat Of Cowries

One of a series I painted of cats in fanciful
outfits--I only finished this one and as no
one who looked at it said they liked it I figured
a series would go nowhere and I wanted it to
---so I let other's opinions cloud this series
efforts and no matter how much I know it
is not supposed to matter, it often
does and that's just me being
ultra sensitive, I believe. .....not
able to take the slings and arrows
tossed on my life stage.
at the same time it presents me with
very deep feelings for all my senses
and this brings great joy...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Moment of Eyecatchers Collected

In my kitchen just now with camera in hand
I wonder what I will see to photo--what will
catch my eye and here are three of them
moments like these are the seeds of future
works perhaps or may have been meant
to be this day's offering in my blogspot.
This tea pot has been in some of my work and
this morning with its hat tipped and the
early morning light--- it screamed
"take me take me" to my camera.

Below is the round ball of elastics I bought for
a whole $ at Michaels as the really big ones
were what I was getting lately as I reached inside
the catchall draw for an elastic--good investment I say.
The pig is an indicator on top of my
Mr Coffee---his position tells me from across
the kitchen if I need to make coffee or
maybe it is brewing already. I bought
in in a hardware store by the cash
register as his full details amazed me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Liners, Flats. Rounds and Scrubs

I just finished a painting and in the end of the whole
creative process....
it's 'put away' time. This time I got off'
track (always some reason to)
with the brush containers,
when one fell over and scattered brushes
like leaves tossed in a whirlwind--they went
all over the place, including inside a
draw file,under a desk and hid in
dark places. So it became
time to choose new cups that won't tip as easily and
here you have the new group with the old brushes
from left to right, liners, flats, rounds and
then scrubs.....each painting demands
certain ones, that will be 'just right'. Each
cup has a story I can recall in a nano second.
They seem to be heavy setters and look good to me
as I glance up at that them--it's important to
feel a rightness in your creative enviroment--
as least that works for me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


( Left click to see larger)

Of course, this first Spring growth must've
been there last week, but just yesterday it caught
my breath to see it. The enhancement of the
photo was done in two different programs with
the goal being to show the moment of eye catch
delight I experienced.
I love to find the hidden faces
in the photo !