Thursday, November 20, 2008

Art Supplies The Soul

Here's one of the main things I love about sketch journaling--the supplies are
easy to carry around with low maintenance.
A big idea I had years ago was to do
a sweatshirt design that some art supply
business would clamour to buy the rights from me
with a sweet contract that would keep
checks flying to me. So I did such things
as you see here and several more around
the yoke of a bright red shirt and made up the slogan, Art
Supplies The Soul...then I wore it to the store I
thought would see how great it was and immediately
buy it right off my back. Well, I slunk back to my
car for the ride home, my dreams crushed with the
owner's dismissal remark of "That's nice..."
The woman on the lower right is from people shots
I take in many places to use later in some sketch. The colorful
pen with Egyptian type designs is old and does not
have any ink--but a beautiful ceramic point that works
best for any transfer of work I may do and that's very little
I mostly like how it looks--it even has Nefertiti on it!
Of interest, may be the fake (bought for some
Halloween years ago) hand that I laid the supplies
on to draw them---it is so real looking I must be
careful not to startle myself when sliding a draw open
where it may be kept.


Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Oh, man, I remember those dreams! First time I had my paintings in a magazine, I thought OK, I am ON MY WAY. Soon my paintings will support me! Um. Well, 30 years later, it's still a lot of work to survive as a freelancer, and if I relied on paintings sold, I'd starve. ;-)

I LOVE your work, though, EJ...I'm glad you're sharing it with us. I know you'll have every success...

Anonymous said...

Kate, I needed that comment from you to make me laugh and laugh---made my day! And I admire your work so much..we all need agents to push for us --now there's an occupation for someone---female artist agent--versed in all tecnicalities (sp?!)...she'd be so swamped with clients she'd be turning them away...WinnaJill

Anonymous said...

In my estimation the lady that said "that's nice" lost her chance to part of something great. Your art work always amazes me!!!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Scus...she hit the nail right on the head.

freebird said...

I think your page is great. I didn't do so well on the sweatshirts way back when either but the one I failed with was my daughter. Thankfully because she loves me, she didn't tell me until she was grown up that I just don't "get it" when it comes to clothing. It's true. I embroidered gray elephants across the front of a pink sweatshirt for her because she wanted a "designer" sweatshirt like her cousins had and which I could not afford. She liked my idea but I didn't realize the girls were into oversized sweatshirts and made one just to fit. Ah well. So how many more sweatshirt stories are there out there?

I don't think I could keep that hand around. I'd end up with nightmares!

Margaret Ann said...

A beautiful composition...I love your Egyptian pen...I have a couple of those lying around somewhere I may now have to find.

I also love your sweatshirt quote! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Anna pushing the shopping cart?