Monday, September 29, 2008

Journal Page Self Doubt

First, there was a pencil sketch,
then came the inking......
I could not begin to use color till
I figured out just exactly what was
this page about---what was behind
those eye close-ups of yours truly.
Knowing me, pretty well.......
I wrote phrase after phrase and
then turned the paper over to write
more. When I wrote what I used, I
knew instantly, that THAT was
the reason for this spread....
a reminder to stay out
of that trap of the past. I
also bothered to make 4 different quick
small color selection trials--which
I thought at the time, was adding too
much "thought" into a simple
spread...this might kill my enthusiasm......
and nothing looked good to me
until the thought of using very soft
colors crystallized and that was right...for me.

Baby Promise

I love these so softly worn baby shoes--
I don't recall where I got them.
They have been worn by several children by
the wear on the soles and long ago lost
their laces. To me, they seem to hold promise
as all babies do when we hold them and feel their
breath on our cheek and pray for their safety.
So much love passes and stays forever.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

For Rent Pumpkin Protector

Feel at ease having a pumpkin on your
porch, with Buddy guarding the place.
Hire him daily, nightly or by the hour.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here he is, right on my front porch, pleased
as punch with himself, for munching
all the best leaves. He looks a little
tipsy to me!

All Around You

Oh no, not another guess thing---she wants
us to guess this obviously edited photo's subject
and says they are all around us now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess where I went

This looks like a wagon for each of my
children---why they could
have a race down Hydeville hill
over Route 19 and
half way home...I recall the little
dickens and their pranks----it was
quite the time raising 5 of them...!

Monday, September 22, 2008

High Tide High Sign

Below is Day 5 of the Eastport Art Journal using
the 2nd photo taken where he
is giving me the thumbs up sign.
1st photo below
Below you are looking down into
the Sylvina W Beal Schooner at low
tide by the side of the pier. I was surprised
to drive into the pier at some other time

and see the same boat at what must be high
tide---with a fellow sitting there... I hollered to
him to smile for me for a second shot and he did.
In the first shot you see with the fellow,
the boat is up even with
the pier---I imagine some stranger, not knowing
what he should know.....making fast his boat at
low tide with a taught rope might find
it upsidedown at high tide.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maine Spread Colored

I thought somebody out there might like
to see how the Maine page turned out
after watercolor pencil colors added and few
more details. Scroll down to see the original
ink spread.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Speaking ?

I always stop at Orphan Annie's
in Auburn Maine and this time I
was two days early for the great
antique Halloween display they
have each year. This dolly seemed
less scary then some of them that
stare at you with vacant eyes. I think
she and Ted had a spat and he has
been sent to the porch with no tea.
I loved imagining scenarios when
playing 'dolls'--either this kind or
the paper ones--it was such a thrill to
have my Mother bring me some new ones
when she went shopping overstreet. That
would mean going over
the bridge from Auburn
to Lewiston on the bus
where there were more stores.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Remember this plant holder I was so
pleased to find for the mint? Well, as you
can see, a gust of wind pushed him off
the bench----I put him in the
barrel for the dump
and then found him standing
back on the bench grinning at me
so I decided to keep him
as he makes me smile.
(I am assuming Kimberly put him there.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dog Talk

A street corner in my old home
town of Auburn Maine and a dog from
California merge for a comment on
Dog Talk. I know some of you have
great dog pets that will just love this page.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh what a tangled tongue we get..

I bought this bunch of money plant
in Eastport for $2.50
which was a great price and others
wanted some but that was the only
bunch---so I was extremely
content. Now, this morning I decided to
use it in a photo for the Blog
and the rabbit was the only
prop that appealed to me
---then what the heck will the
name be was the next step
----then the name jumped in
my head and I noticed it got
tangled on the tongue after so many
repeats and added the challenge for you

Monday, September 15, 2008

"The Great Escape"

A journal page with a 5 by 7 Eastport gulls,
window and Sumac piece done for a
Paint Eastport auction at the end of the day--I signed up and
did this page on the wrong day
---HAD to be done on Saturday
---rules to be followed etc---so I got
up really early on Sat. to do
another one featuring
an Eastport Pirate as it was the
Pirate Festival weekend. I could
imagine the talk about how
I didn't follow the rules might
require the town to run me out of
town tarred and feathered. Probably
would have been on the TV! The "Argh"
one sold and that was a good thing
to come of it all---some of the money
went to the Arts Center and I liked
the idea of "hanging around" Eastport.
Don't forget, that left
clicking on the
photo brings it up bigger
so you can read it better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What It Means....

A Journal page spread--in it's beginnings as
I will most likely add color in some manner..
what does it mean to be where you're from? That
would be very interesting to read !
The above Pitt Pen sketch says, gulls flying and
crying, rural scenes with their fresh
pine trees, distinctive
shapes and pungent pillow fillings,
in Northern Maine the far off
mountain view, anchient stone
wall "hardscapes" and beach
walks all alone with your thoughts.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I include this on the Blog because it shows so
many things in just one Eastport Bay view--
there's the Coast Guard Station
with tons of gulls in it's roof everyday
and if you look close you can see the
roof has evidence of this....then
there's Campobello Island in Canada
across the Bay, The Sylvina W Beal
red sailed boat taking tourists for
a Whale Watch cruise and in the
foreground the Quoddy Tides newspaper
building with its unusual
peaked roof entranceway.

Eastport Journal

September 11 2008
I did a spread in my small journal each
day--they are about 5 by 7 when you
combine them. I sold one page at an
Artist's auction they had to raise money for
the Arts Center....for $50. at least
---I left before the final silent bids.
this is across the street house and walkway
by where my car was parked. It is done with
pencil, ink pen and watercolor pencils.