Monday, November 17, 2008

Seacrets of Pisces

This is from a series of 12 Zodiac signs
I created on tin ceiling tiles. That
became a set of 2. I did
not get any enthusiastic reactions to them and
went on to other things, thinking they were darn
unappreciated for sure. I sold the Gemini this summer
to an intelligent, handsome and great buyer.
Now the Pisces one still hangs on the wall
amongst a few beeswax collages done
in a technique learned from Claudine Hellmouth,
a wonderful teacher of beeswax workshops
if you ever get
the chance to take one. The fish in the collage
is one of my imaginative ones and the word
is all about the Pisces trait of being able to
keep secrets and the sea influence.
It hangs by my own paintbrush with
my DNA all over it.


Revelle said...

I just love this piece!!! I'm a Gemini and I wish I could see the rest of the series. Is it uploaded soewhere. This one is just beautiful! I've been trying to do more collage and have gathered myriad pieces of collected Junkque to use, but I'm not sure what will stick to what! I habe odge podge and gorilla glue. What do you use?

rrARTz said...

this is just gorgeous! your work just blows me away. your use of color and composition is just magnificent. i can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Since the glued on pieces are not heavy I always used Jewel It by Aleene avialble in craft stores---not really recommended but it surely works. I trusted it, knowing I had glued fake jewels to sweatshirt designs and washed them over and over and that glue held fast though all that, so it HAD to be good. WinnaJill

Christie said...

Oh, wow -- I am incredibly drawn to this piece! So sorry the series "died aborning" (love the phrase, I guess because it describes so much about unfinished work) Thank you for giving me a glimpse of such beauty to begin my day!

Cecelia said...

Beautiful, creative work. Very interesting to read and to feast the eyes on.

Kathleen said...

I love this piece - my favorite bits are the paint brush and the central top fish and of course the face is fascinating

Margaret Ann said...

Gorgeous color...perfect! :)

Revelle said...

You didn't get back to me about this series of monthly collages. Are they posted somewhere? I'd love to see them all together!

Deborah said...

Fabulous! I also would like to see the whole series. I definately admire this one.

Ricardo Sérgio said...

This one is amazing!