Friday, October 31, 2008

Cemetery Bench
"Cemetery Bench"

Posted Oct 31 2008 by E J Mordasky

Another Eastport Maine moment---

when driving through the cemetery

I spied this bench off a ways looking

like it expected someone to sit there

and watch the sea while visiting.

It was more for a child then big

people size--it had some carvings here and

there and on the bench back

I just found some initials

--I took one telephoto

shot to get some of the detail

and that's all--it looked like it was sinking

into the earth and had

been there a long time

it is done in the small

Moleskine book...... this morning.....

I started to add the color and just

could not stop till it was done

---or close to---it seemed to have

the spirit of All Hallowed Eve

So I'll post it in time for that.


Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

this is just too cool--you do the most wonderful pages!

Fotf said...

Nice one, and the crow, assuming it is a crow does give it that Halloween feel. Happy Halloween :-)

Christie said...

Very cool, very appropriate to the season! Love it!

freebird said...

Perfect. And the little bench that is sinking into the ground goes on living in a journal.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am absolutely blown away!!! Your work is amazing. The cemetery bench is just perfect for Halloween.

winna said...

That's right Freebird...I feel that way, too. I plan to find out about the bench and hear some good stories in the process..why it hasn't been in a suspenseful book by now puzzles me---Eastport has a fine mystery writer, Sarah Graves, you can Google. EJM

Margaret Ann said...

Very intriguing...Extremely well done! :)

Borromini Bear said...

Another wonderful page...every page is so consistently good. I wish I could pick up the actually book and flick through it...what an experience that would be!

BMoon said...

Perfect mood, lovely drawing.

Anonymous said...

Love this one, the crow seems to be right at home !!!

Ricardo Sérgio said...

This is great, I love it.

Anonymous said...

I think this crow would say , "Ever more" - - referring to ever more ideas and art coming from Winna