Friday, November 27, 2009

Celtic Snowballs

A hurried project for an ATC (Artist's
Trading Cards) group meet in two days.
I was to make a Winter Charm
I had no idea what to make And hadn't done
any loaded charm bracelets for a
couple years.
It was like beginning all over--real
dah moments for sure...
I have collected much I have hunted for
in barn sales and lots
of vintage jewelry
to look through
This is like looking over
buried treasure for me.
I did have all the tools necessary
and there are many which
might surprise some people... three
special wire tools, spacers, and Celtic
ones I especially like---extra long
wire to string them, special lying pad
to keep everything from rolling off
the table--
and to make
a nice finish, make a label and
insert in small bag ......Voila!
I am thankful I only have to make
nine of them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Cold Fish"

If you include photos in an e-mail
when asking for
a favor (this was asking for
the air conditioner to be removed
for the winter) it usually adds a smile instead

of a frown. The fish here is one I designed, where

one side is a sunfish and the other a starfish...

jewel toned blues and greens with

metallic copper touches. I love the red scarf

addition and may leave it on him

for awhile
(click on photo to see more detail)

Friday, November 13, 2009


"The Holding Pattern"
Acrylic 16 by 20
I have been lax about entering any photos
on this siteas I am doing nothing but paintings for
an exhibit in Eastport Maine next June.
I did journaling steady for a year and think
that it honed my observstions---I am so grateful
for all the helpful comments I received and
still look at your works when I am taking a breather.

The result of not having a model to pose for me is I am the one holding the huge fish--this is not a self portrait but rather how I feel bout parts of my life. Some of the symbolism relates to how I never want to let go of the Ireland Journey in my heart.