Friday, November 7, 2008


(Left click on the photo to read the words )

Driving on a road I was not supposed
to be on, according to a warning
sign, I saw the weathered house
with the clothesline and I do love
hanging clothes, so it was take
a quick photo and go a bit
further to see what was around
the next curve and down a hill...
and then I saw the place the big
boats load and unload cargo,
turned around and got out
before I was thrown in the brig.

21 watercolor pencils used---
I know it doesn't look like it,
but tis true and I have no idea
what the names were as I choose
them by their shade and
then put them all back in the end.
Note of interest:
Eastport is on Moose Island
is which is the the largest,
with Carlow, Dog, Treat, Burial,
Spectacle, Matthews, Goose,
Dyer, and numerous islets making
up the remainder
of the islands in the Bay.


winna said...

Sorry about all the postings that went through---I thought they didn't---too early in the am and no 2nd cup of coffee I will choose to won't happen again (let's hope) EJM

Anonymous said...

I surely hope that the crow didn't mess on the clothes!
Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's one guy off his diet sometimes---

Anita Davies said...

Gorgeous spread Winna!

marancat said...

Took me a little while to find this but it was well worth the effort! I love to see your pages - you seem to capture the essence of what you draw.

Anonymous said...

One could only begin to imagine who lived in the house, since it looks like mens clothing, perhaps there are no women in the house. But the clothes are neatly hung, men do not usually do that., so it is hard to tell. Great art work again!!!

Lisa Reed said...

This is terrific. Yes, I believe it took that many pencils--Looks like alot of work that was well worth it!

Margaret Ann said...

Another smashing colorful glimpse of everyday life! :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

lovely jouranlling