Sunday, November 30, 2008


Original pencil sketch which includes
The Happy Crab and The Blue Iris :
Sketch printed onto brown paper
using regular colored pencils and then
adhered in the Moleskine sketchbook :

Watercolor pencils:

I'm including the original pencil sketch where you can see the details
suggested of what it looks like on Water Street to day---to cover up and change quite a bit of the initial idea was on the daring side for me---as this was not intended to be this way at all...but, the experience was priceless I think-- I used to do this a lot---imagine the past in my work--
Once this pencil and a bit of ink sketch, was printed onto a dark paper bag type brown paper , I could not use the watercolor pencils---so I used regular colored pencils---which I did not know were so waxy to use---I found this out when I tried watercolor pencil work over the top---not gonna work...and also the biggest annoyance was I could not re-ink any of the linework with the Pitt pens---too waxy. This project turned out to be quite the experience and finally I got it to be pretty much the right color with the regular color pencils and using them to darken the lines---good thing I took a photo at this point as the next thing I did was spray the spread to see if I could get rid of some glare from pencil work---low and behold the spray (which I forgot to shake) covered the pages with a grey coat---which I tried to wipe off with paper towels before it now it looked like it was a sketch from the graveyard---so I then used the reg colored pencils to try and bring it back and did to some degree. Whew!------I drew in some Vintage people that worked in the Sardine factory and today's Water St photo I took, which I revised to olden times in my imagination.
The last photo is the original sketch with inked lines and watercolor
colord pencils used--it has the morning sunrise suggested on
the lower left and is the lightest one.


Owen said...

Interesting to see the process.

Christie said...

I love seeing the beginning sketch to finished product. Especially, I love the finished product, so wonderful!

Luba said...

These sketches have such character! Well done!

rrARTz said...

i love seeing all the stages involved in your beautiful work!

Ann said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the process too - it's quite interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Just love the finished picture, great, and lots of work!!!

Kay Cox said...

Winna, thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is awesome...amazing what you are able to do with colored pencil. And I really like your subject matter and style. Nice work. You are going on my list of favorites.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Winna... Thanks SO VERY MUCH for visiting the Nature Gathered Collaborative Blog.

I appreciate your kind comments.

Your work is BEAUTIFUL.... I LOVE your sketches and seeing how they progress from pencil to color is FANASTIC!

Tracie Lyn

Anonymous said...

I do admire (and envy!)your capacity for experimentation - I am becoming just a little braver but not much! Anyway, having seen your post, I am going to try some work on brown paper. Thank you for showing this - it looks so good.

Rachel H said...

That middle one is brilliant - I love the texture and colouring. It looks like a colour plate from an ancient book.

Anita Davies said...

I LOVE your journal pages

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

LOVE these.