Monday, May 31, 2010

On Cheat Day

each week I allow one cheat day for the foods I eat
and don't overdo that hardly ever. I've wanted
to make a banana wrap for awhile so here it is--
I ate all but two bites and should have stopped
sooner. The flat wrap is low cal.... the cream cheese spread
is weight watchers with sweet and low..the
chopped walnuts are alright---the sinful part
is a drizzle of maple syrup and a bit of Fig jam..
as good as it was, I thought immediately
after, that the banana all by itself would
have been enough with maybe some and learn.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MUSE VISIT #3 "BLUE 226876 "

left click to see large

I knew immediately I wanted to use blues and browns..

the watercolor background may look helter skelter

but a lot of time was spent on it and before I was

through I became more experienced with blowing

the paint around. Then I looked for a picture

in old magazines this time---and what I picked

was nothing I had in mind--they just said, "hey

take me, I'm what you want."---after they were

glued on, the meaning of the page became

clear to me-- it varies from time to time

when I look at the page---from words missed

by someone gone, to words that feel good to hear.

I almost titled it "The Right Touch Of Blue"

because that ticket was found in a hunt for a

blue 'thing' to go in that spot..

Friday, May 28, 2010

MUSE VISITS #2 Handy Advice

(left click on photo to see larger)
My 2nd loose journal page 9 by 12 on watercolor
cold press pad. It jump started with the
urge to use some of my white stuff on the mantel...
and seeing a color scheme in the photos I took
due to whatever lighting conditions were present
when I shot them--I do think the
side mantel lights were on, casting a glow.
Having a color scheme in mind set things
into motion---pictures are my photos of my cherished
collections , colors added are watercolor from
old small grade school tin, lettering with Pitt pens and
finally used the blob stamp from a massive
stamp collection thru the years...adding the
bird was something I do alot..the words
I wrote may have much meaning (ask my
Muse) or be quite
nonsensical !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Muse Visit #1

My first loose journal page on 9 by 12" watercolor paper when I
listened to the Muses---I was surprised with what I the page grew I came to like what I
was doing---I will do more to see what their secrets are...

Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Not Miss a Donut With Your Coffee

In this series of 4 photos you see a treat being made
that can become addictive, especially with so many
ways to vary the toppings--don't toast the flat round,
it somehow doesn't want that done...I use the back of
a spoon to spread the ICBINButter as it works best---
also something I'd never done before in my life--but not
on my 'bucket list'........then
I sprinkled on some Curry seasoning which adds a unique
flavor---next it's drizzle on some wonderful good for
you in umpteen million ways honey....then add some
nuts---here you see sliced almonds on one side and
sunflower seeds on the other---
spoon them around---I use one plate that is a flat leaf
so the honey won't drip and when that is lost for some
reason or other I use a very small cutting board to
keep them flat. They taste like some forbidden treat
(which for me would be a donut) with your fresh coffee,
which by the position of the pig indicates
the coffee is ready to pour

Friday, May 14, 2010

Past Friends Past

I LOVED paper dolls and dressy dolls
and funny dolls etc. I imagine as a child
I wanted to grow up and wear these outfits..
....and maybe be a queen or at
the very least a princess.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Spectral Visit

(click on photo to see larger)
Taken today across the street in the old Spencer
house now empty and for sale...this is
the back entry room with what appears to be a
spectral apparition that was
uncommunicable and faded away...
I am learning from a training CD how
to use some of the effects in a
new software I use---I would have perhaps
discovered this eventually but it was
great to see it demonstrated and then
go in to do it myself making my own
choices etc.... I am on a
mission of sorts to use
the program creatively.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meeting a Poet/Painter

(click photo to see larger)
In her career as a nurse and her duties with
The Sisters Of Providence she must have helped
a multitude of people....
I think it is intimidating to post
a portrait of a person who might not
like being depicted speaking...
but such a speaker only is
a blessing to meet...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi Anne !

Now, if I ever get the urge to paint bricks and
a whole lot of them---this photo I took yesterday
of a friend going into an art exhibit , would be one
I would return to--I asked her to go by the words
which I love and she said asked "should I wave?"
.....I was too busy composing the shot to answer, so she
just did wave and I liked that interaction look, plus
her clothes have great color and shadows....