Friday, January 30, 2009

Ready To Use

Every Day Matters Challenge #208
is Draw "something out of place"..
The cold weather has kept me in a lot
lately so as I sat at the computer, I
noticed the perfume that's aways ready
to use..and I realized it is out of place
for many, but not me. I also wanted my
family someday to see the page and
remember this about me--for one
thing, how it was always a good gift
for Ma.....I loved how my
mother smelled when I'd
get a hug as she was a
perfume lover, too.

I felt the close
up did not show it was in this
room... so added the Moleskine
sketchbook which is always sitting
by the computer ready to use
just as the perfume is.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

EDM #27 Moley and Pitcher

" Draw a book" is the Challange and here is the

inside front of the first Moleskine (Moley)

I finished---it's the Moley and

one of my favorite pitchers I

used in the cup challenge. I

decided to leave it in the pencil stage.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Check this site for other albums of mine

there should be two albums to check on this site that feature works I have done---I'd like to add this on the site but don't seem able to do it ---click to see each one at a time---then go to More Albums on the top left and see the miscellaneous one---

Saturday, January 24, 2009

EDM Wharfrat's Nemesis (draw a shell)

This is done in the pocketsize mini

Moleskine, with the book tipped sideways.

I loved this catagory and did two--Miss Kitty

developed because I wanted to put the

cut shell earrings on someone and always

loved this particular cat I got to babysit one

day and took about a zillion photos while I

had the chance. She's wearing some sort

of fantasy fluffy head gear and the border

developed in continuing the same type of

doodley line loosely representing sea foam.

You can check out the Echo Of The Dreamer

jewelry at this site:

where you click on The Artful Soul to see lots of

tempting things..I have the

earrings and a great bracelet...It's a mother and

daughter team that design them.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Toes Tormented EDM 199

I didn't think I'd do this challenge

but this ballet position was something

I could relate to, and it was a quick

page compared to what I often do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coffeelogged ! EDM #206

Several items in the sketch
have other names in other places, I'm sure.

If the cook is really busy and has
lots of orders to fill--you may be
offered too many coffee refills. while waiting
for the meal to arrive. Then
again, this means taking a doggy
bag home and having the
main course again for supper, which
is usually a bonus if it reheats well.
I think in England they use the term
"cuppa"---Supper may be dinner in
lots of place, cook becomes chef in
better places, main course
can turn into entree
and Doggy bag, well, there must be other
names for the leftovers taken home

Friday, January 16, 2009

What Happened?

I'll remember her well and if I find
another one , I will be ecstatic.
You may have to check the Dec 23 rd
post in the Older Posts....)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Tweetcar Named Desire

Since this bird hung around on the
idled dozer for quite some time
with me in the yellow VW below
made me assume, he
thinks I'm another piece of
machinery sitting here--so
his eyesight was not up to par.
The morning doves all perch around here
usually on high wires or roofs--
where they feel
safe, while they check
their rather dry meal before
going down to feed--then it's
another perch n' search mission
for water..for people who know
nothing of A Streetcar Named Desire's
famous scene with Brando hollering to
Stella---you missed a
really good dramatic movie .
I wonder how many of you have
been able to find
the trademark object
that's on all my pages.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Minding My Beeswax

A lot of us take workshops through
the years and they usually are
expensive and far away .
Soooo, you are thrilled when they
are really worth all the time
and $$. This one was, as Claudine
is a marvelous she has
dipped some material in the
melted wax to demonstrate draping
on a collage for added depth texture.
She and Danny Gregory
illustrated A Writers Paris book....
This is a lightly colored
spread.... for a change of color pace
in the Moleskine,
as one looks through it. My original
intent was for the girl's head to be
very large so I could emphasize the
colorful ribbons braided in her hair
on top---but changes happen...this
should say Topsfield, Mass----
big difference!

Scanned and Ready for Color

This is the first time I scanned (HP Scanjet 537OC)
a journal spread that is inked and ready to add color.
It did lie flatter then propping it up and
it did need adjusting in PSP 7 of the
edges and adding a black border...I see
it is sharp and will use this method to get
better results then I was. The book I just
finished making, did not have scanned work
and looks good--but scanning would have
made it better. Live and learn!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

E D M Challenge 205 Draw A Soda Can

I did not intend to use the candle
holder with the can but that's what
developed out of some ideas I had.
I like Pepsi better as it seems less
sweet and in two of those blind
official taste tests, I did pick Pepsi--I have
about 10 Coke cans left over from Christmas
Eve and must find homes for them...

Morning Moon

I'm busy doing my Artist's Journal
but thought I'd post something I
found beautiful---this is 7:20 in the
am and you're seeing a morning moon.
When I notice one of these up there I
think I am seeing things at first...
I mean the sun has been up awhile
and here's the moon--and for the
camera to pick it up is a bonus.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Left click the photo to see the words better
Another EDM challenge done....these cups
were sketched while they sat in front of me
as I use them pretty much daily. I added the
coffee cup stains to perk up that
area--they did bleed through
but just a bit. I can count, in my head,
12 more cups being used in a similar
manner throughout the house...
but I may be missing some and not
about to make a house tour. Maybe
some use the very same cups....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mystery Woman?

Read below for the instructions on

responding to this posting. The "pretend"

group of about 7 (real) people

from all parts of the country

welcome anyone who wants to comment

Some of the

old Commentologists (fancy name to call

yourself after you comment)) have requested

a Vintage Photo be posted so they might write

about who they think this person is and what they

may have done etc. I am the editor of this

group of writers , but I see in this format. I will have

no control of your musings. Please be

prudent, creative and think

before you pen, er, type your comment

I own this old Cabinet photo so know it

is authentic and just fine to use.

(This amounts to a sort of fun

creative writing exercise)

EDM # 204 Draw Something Frosty

drawn on the last day of 2008--

it snowed all day and the winds

whipped the snow on my car

as I tried to write FROSTY on

the window--Burrrrrrrr.....

I came in ultra fast, after

taking a picture. The German

writing on the door seemed

apt for a says

'draw something frosty