Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Talisman Watches

You'll have to left click to read this..
I sketched this two days ago while
sitting in the car waiting for the
PT session to be over--I had already been
up in Sean's room, (My grandson who suffered head
injuries in a car accident).
I coud not help but see Kimpossible hanging there
from the rear view mirror over the dashboard
---I do not know the
story of this character on TV , I think---all I
know is, it gives my Kim hope and so I
drew it to strengthen that which helps her.
I certainly became so absorbed in the
sketching and also the inking in my small
Moleskine (that I turned around to get
a vertical view ) that the time flew and
it seemed just as I added the last pen line the
car door opened and Kim and Siobhan
(Irish for Shavon) were climbing in for
the ride back home.


Anonymous said...

We can only hope this situation is Kimpossible ... without hope what are we?

rrARTz said...

i really, really enjoy your work and look forward it. your color scheme is amazing!

Amber said...

Right when I saw the picture I knew immediately that it was from mom's car, and it was! That is so good. Mom is Kimpossible, she can do anything, there's nothing impossible for her.

peachtreeart said...

Love the detail!

Anonymous said...

You good.

Anonymous said...

me happy to get comment

freebird said...

I like your page. Living in hope is the only way. I will keep praying. I keep my prayer list on my brick wall in my journal. That reminds me I need to make a new wall in my new journal.

Anonymous said...

Great encouragement for Kim!!