Monday, November 26, 2012

Here is my study of The Zulu Woman by Irma Sterns 
this is the 6th  portrait done this way where
you learn how others did their work..
it's like that old saying (by I don't know who)
"Tell me something
and I  forget
Show me something and
I will remember
Involve me
and I will understand".....
I post my palette that shows the 
reference photo I had to draw from
with pencil and at least an hour to figure it all out...
then there is the pencil sketch and the whole spread
with the collage on the left....
and finally my acrylic work again...
do you have any questions?  If so ,
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Friday, November 23, 2012

a post with A Diary of Faces class where we paint from the old Masters works to
learn from them...what we take away from the sort of put on their shoes for awhile.
This particular artist (Georgi Mashev from Bulgaria)  didn't have much to see on line.. but you could gather he did a variety of themes...and was well known for his portraits. He must have used oils and we're doing them in Acrylic, so right there you are swimming upstream trying for similar results..I found in this work of a
girl in white hat and blouse had close values and many colors, such as in the shadow areas...when I was done, I felt I had to add some emphasis here and there as the close values seemed dull to me...on the opposite page is a collage I add for each artist we study...a small bio of the artist info..also a story is
unfolding  with bits found in the collage...first see pencil sketch still needing some work...and the you see the brushes I used and a color I liked for the background  that has had here and there added colors for different values there...then the left side of the spread---isn't his self portrait sort of darkside looking...then the last one down is the final work....all comments are very much appreciated !  Notice at the upper left is a click away from my usual  flick site....I like to use this Winna's World for all the is uploaded to my flickr site just to send you here for all the information etc...
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