Saturday, November 8, 2008

Katy Doing ?

I love this photo by Sumner W Fowler
in Novato Cal. (my brother)..
he managed to get the Katydid
preening himself---herself?
Sumner is my mentor in photography
and has helped me all along the way.


freebird said...

That is a super photo. Wouldn't that make a nice page for you!

I lived in Novato when my husband was in the navy. I had my daughter while we lived there 34 years ago. We moved away when she was 7 days old.

Anonymous said...

You think so much like me !--I had thought to do a page with it and then decided to use my own camera close up lenses to see what I could get--so I'm expirimenting that way....Sumner is with the Marin Humane Society--I've been out there 3 times--awesome fresh foods! EJM

Anonymous said...

Now I would have thought it was a Praying Mantis, looked it up on Google and it is a lot slimmer., my biology lesson for today. Great photo, brother!!!