Monday, November 3, 2008

Sign your work

. Fellow Art Journalists,

I don't know how to show you what

I mean without posting this

photo to show how to sign

with the c (artist's copy write) in the

circle by your signature....I have been

remiss with the sketches and signing

this way--I will add it from now on.


Lisa Reed said...

Love your bird! Thanks for the advice! Do you mean simply by claiming it is copywrited with a c, it is legal and cannot be "stolen"?

winna said...

Well, the exact law right now I am not able to quote--but for my paintings I was advised to do this and it could hold up in court---now this computer world has changed a lot of things. I know it puts the thief on alert with your work being protected and will perhaps start looking for others that are not signed, sort of like an installed burglar alarm. There are ways to add watermarks etc...that can help, too. Pose a question to Google and see all the results that may help you. E J Mordasky

Owen said...

Awesome birdy. I've responded to the note on the EDM group list but also posted the same article on my blog here

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell them about Trantola and Trantola

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to look out for your "fellow artists", Still love the crow!!!