Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saving a Page

This small Moleskine spread was
the result of sketching a page
in a light thin pen line that
bothered me to no end---I wanted to '
to tear it out of the book but
that was not an option I could
accept--so decided to show my
frustration with it and made the spread.
I guess that's me inner self and
her quirks. While I may like
something in another's work, it
does not feel right to me in mine.
I will lay it to blame on being the
second and middle child and needing
to "show up" more to not feel lost....


Anonymous said...

This would be great with an audio supplement-- If I had a Hammer!

Margaret Ann said...

What an awesome save!!!!...although I thought the original was fine on its own LOLo :)

Think of it this way...the original was meant to be...all it "needed" was your recent follow up...a fine spread! Brilliant composition! :)

Anonymous said...

Audio supplement would be the page yelling 'OUCH!'

This is really, really funny!! I'm laughing so hard, because that's exactly the way I feel about a lot of my art stuff!!

Waiting... said...

This is wonderful!!! I'm sure we can all agree but you have encouraged us all to look for the "save" in the disasters! Thank you!

Trish said...

I loved that spread in your Moleskine. I have some in my sketchbook that could use some saving.

Anonymous said...

You make it work even though you seem to have a problem with it., kind of like my day!!!

Speck said...

LOL! Wonderful save!!!

I love tiny lines and the very part you don't like I think is perfect!

vickylw said...

I love your style! (I've felt the same toward certain non-watercolor paper journals I've worked in.)

Anonymous said...

me no like too.