Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Kitchen Prophet

(If you left click on the photo, you can see it larger)
A green bottle filled with Basil is the base of this altered bottle--
that is supposed have the theme "Kitchen"and in the process of
searching for items to use, it evolved into
The Kitchen Prophet.
The head is an old brass bedstead part, the vintage
peeler says Real A Peel---from my small collection
of kitchen items..the crown was cut from a
yogurt container, The Sculpey hands and heads I made
several years ago in a flurry of head makings for jewelry.
Then there's the beaded hair, old buttons, trim around the
neck and the spider HAD to be part of this
alteration as he advises the Prophet in
in matters of Epicurean feast preparations.
I find I would rather work on assemblages
that are wired, nailed and screwed together,
rather then depend on glues to keep it sturdy.
I can't stand to wait for it to dry before I can
continue and boy, do sticky fingers frustrate me.
Coming soon--exciting new things on this blog for
your enjoyment...videos---games etc.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Purple Flash

On St. Patricks Day
I wore green rose earrings and a green sweater
and did not need to wear a jacket as we finally got
not only a sunny day but a warmer one, too.
I surprised myself by buying the most
beautiful purple potted Campanula
loaded with more
blossoms then I had ever seen and of course I
was there to buy ONLY strawberries and
a pkg of spinach for quite the salad with broiled
chicken strips and walnuts etc.
One would never know how I love the
color purple if you'd hunted with me
around here for some purple things to
photo by the pot. It sure was a scarce item but I found a
sweater for the backdrop and a light up ball
if you squeeze it just right, I thought the
photo would not work with it flashing
colors but voila!---got a shot I like.
I'm busy now on a painting with a ghostly
presence I felt in an old mill..Haven't we all,
if we get the chance to be inside one? !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Shadow Walk

I think my neighbor and old friend across
the street would like being in this painting
She's wearing her favorite Aryn Poncho
(I underplayed the beautiful patterns
as the painting would become the
poncho and it was created as a tribute
to a friend now in the shadows
with the suffering of Alzheimer's.
Eastporters will recognise their Water St
buildings facing the Bay, bathed in the
sharp morning light...with shadows equally
as in life there are unsolved mysteries
with a knowing that can strengthen us....
God Bless You Patricia Spencer

Income 2

"Three Crow"

After going on the Margaret Stermer-Cox site

in her Dancing Cloud Gallery I felt the need,

the urge, the tap in the shoulder, the muse

speaking etc. and had to try a similar type

design to see how it feels to do some abstract

work like I did so many years ago when I

tried some Picasso techniques...what

I like is the feeling I get when one color

is added next to another....must be like

writing a melody and the next note is

what you want....well, this of course meant

getting back to working on the taxes

was delayed somewhat...what a surprise!