Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red Moon Over Second Empire

The altered photo I thought
would give the players a hard time....

I mught as well have used this one
One of my favorite old Victorian houses in town

which I just used in my facebook "guess where" photos

for local people to enjoy..I did disguise it to make

it a challenge and they got it right

off anyway. I love Second Empire


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

crepes and crikey

Above is my breakfast today---some wonderful crepes made with whole wheat
flour (from Cooks .com) filled with flavored lite cream cheese and chopped
walnuts....topped with lite syrup, more nuts and bit of parsley for color
seems heavenly to find a way to enjoy such a treat that I can
make myself...looked better not sliced for a photo
then below I get a chance to use the English (Cockney?) term
"Crikey ! "---for not moving myself a bit when
taking this horse photo---to eliminate the
tall grass thing in front of his nozzle... my brother in law
was elected for 10 terms I believe
and found a new use for the political signs

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"A Hearty Beginning"

Valentine's Day is for

Love to be tied

to one another

as a groom and a bride


The face on the plate

must congratulate

the couple who is married

on this date


Here I post a sketch instead of

a photo--as time permitted

and the heart was willing.


My poem mentions the

face on the plate which

got there for the photo shoot as

I usually scan the area I am in

and spy something that I feel

will enhance the photo ..,this

amusing head was a recent find

that insisted I buy it...

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Sooooooo Good !"

I just had to blog about this lunch---it surprised me with
it's flavors...I used whole wheat bread, I Can't Believe Its Not Butter,
sugar free bread and butter pickles,
some jarred red pepper, Dubliner cheese (I stayed near
the place that makes this Irish cheese etc--they have a tower that
sticks up high and you can judge how close you
are to home after a day trip on the The Ring Of Kerry ) shredded,
and fresh sprig of Rosemary that smells good even if you
just look at was cooked in a non stick electric fry
pan with cover 350 to 375---some cheese was
shredded in to the pan alongside the sandwich to
fry till you can turn it over and fry the otherside...
this went on top of the sandwich and I must advise you
to save these parts for last--they are such a treat..reminds
me of the famous Shady Glen burgers with the sides of
the burger having fried cheese hanging off them..
Picked up the heart plate yesterday--always
love red things and heart things and this all makes
life have a gladder heart...and how happy
I was that this was a lite lunch...
I usually limit cheese to about once a week