Friday, November 15, 2013

Quentin of Roseville

being a member of Julia Kay Portrait group I do
 a portrait every once in a while
and like to try different tools .....this is
using metallic gold and white pencils...
on black paper
Since it has a mysterious feel
 I liked it...although
it may not be the greatest likeness..
it is "take"
If you're a first time visitor to this site
please enjoy looking around and leave a
comment ....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Color Play Page

all work on the right side of this
 blog are paintings I have done
Please notice to the right of this post is a place to click
to take you to my flickr site....
this spread does not scan nor photo good...
if I get the scene side right then the color
tests are too dark....if I get
 the color tests right the scene page is too light.... it is and you get the idea...
you see colors used in the Australia house etc but then
I added and added and then inked the shapes etc.
Kept me busy for awhile...
here is the Australian street view
not looking washed out
a shot of some of the many flags that whip around 
when you go to the Big E when it's darn cold. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Backdoor Shadowplay

Don't forget to left click to see much larger
first there was pencil
then there was ink
then watercolors
This open door with shadows cast from an overhead
awning caught my eye at the old Mordasky
Homestead...the family I married into
eons ago....this back porch always had so many
plants to care for each day and no awning
back then...
Doors are a photo category I
will add to until my cold still
fingers can no longer
click the camera..
 if you scroll way down you see the words "older posts"
and that will take you back for a long ways etc.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hollow Barn Door

In order to have this look 'right' to me
I had to brighten the red parts and
add the light inside... I did happen to see one
through an open door when
 I went by a while shocked me to see it
as it is always dark looking...all the
colors are dull and middle value in most photos
one might take, which made
 me think...I must  make changes so
 I'll like it--as I've driven by this
place for over 50 years and loved it
 that long, too.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin at Three O'Clock

I am posting two photos of the finished
watercolor as the scan one on top, comes out
very blue and the photo below is the more natural color...
this lets me see how adding some blue
might's the complimentary  color
of the pumpkin and to me it adds
more punch to what I am after here..
how the light at 3 in the afternoon hit
the pumpkin yesterday
 and how the pumpkin color
showed through the seat holes...
...rang a bell
in my mind and I HAD to capture
 what a bang it was to me.
So, I think the top scanned one
says more of how I 'felt' about
what I saw...