Sunday, November 30, 2008

Merry Christmas EDMers !

I worked from a photo by my brother,

Sumner W. Fowler in Novato Calif.

This lucky little guy was adopted the day this

photo was taken. I added some

Christmas decorations and am sending it out

Dec 1st---that'll be one thing I get done

on time in this busy season.


Anonymous said... pun're good!

Bonny said...

This is so cute!!! No wonder the little fellow got adopted right away!! Who could resist those eyes???

Great drawing!

Rachel H said...

I still love the way you lay your pages out and especially these ones where you're sort of creating a page within a page - it plays nice little tricks on the eye. I also really like the colour palette - and of course the painting! You should start a christmas card business! :)

Anonymous said...

My health does allow me to do the sketches and be on the computer---but at my age 73, I am not running a business anymore because of the health restrictions. I did in years past (Winna Designs)and taught for 35 years, art techniques....EXCEPT, I'd love to put a book out with Blub, I believe---this I could handle if they do the mailings etc.----it won't make me rich or famous but it will mean a lot to me . I so much appreciate the comments you made and the other's too---gives me a smile and feel goodness. Winna Jill

Betty said...

A thoroughly delightful page!! Wonderful composition!!

Anonymous said...

Let me known when your book goes on sale!

Luba said...

This turned out great!! Love the border, composition and of course the drawing! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Glad that he was adopted, he is a sweetie!! Your personal touches make him adorable.

freebird said...

Oh what a cutie. You did such a great job on the dog and also on the Christmas page. I have been busy too and haven't been by to see as many blogs as usual. Trying to catch up here. Glad I came by to see this. A great start to my day!