Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Start of "Catbird Etc"

Since I have packed most of my art supplies in the car for a
summer on the north coast of Maine... I have
but pencils to work with and an idea I want to
pursue..so here is the first cartoonish sketch
on canvas--at this point I am making all sorts of
choices and will probably change my mind
umpteen times. At first it was just the
Catbird then it started to grow into "my" catbird
with personal symbols
--will I have a crown?....will I add the
jewels?...is that the light to dark
life cycle in there?...which brushes
will I paint or will the tools change?
And what pray tell is one of the
seven veils doing in there? Am I going
to use subdued colors?
All the questions swirl around and will
be settled when I' am settled in Eastport.
I will be off the computer for awhile
when the trip begins shortly and
will be pretty far behind in seeing
your inspiring works...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

See Oh Rita !

A sketch done on a day where I could
not concentrate well with some sort of
creative block--but I liked how it looked
so here it is---I decided I will finally
get into a book I always wanted to re
read and that is mighty unusual for me--
it is fruitless to bang my head up against
this rock bound block---many years
has taught me that the book
is the best way for me
to unfrustrate myself..
Rita is a great Border Collie---you may know
how they can be--
so eager to do what they do best.
The 1927 Stage Musical Rio Rita
brought the title to mind---you can Google
Rio Rita Lyrics and see ol timey UTube
with dance steps...
nice old tinny sounding music


Left click on photo to see larger


The flower gardens in this north central part of

Connecticut right now.....

are often in three stages of development

..the budding, the flowering and the demise
I see a lot of symbolism

in many aspecs of life in these Peonys....


Take note of the Art Blog sites to visit on the

left of the site now--they are cool to see and read

for their creative work and minds...


Monday, June 7, 2010

I Didn't Know That.....

This started as an all pencil journal spread but I
could not handle there not being any color on this one so added
bits of paper collage---
Over 6,000 years ago the Belly dance began as a dance for women
alone. Young girls were taught it to prepare for childbirth.
The motions helped to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
And here I always thought it was quite seductive ---live and learn..
it's always extra special when doing
a journal page to misspell a word
such as Goddess :-)