Sunday, February 28, 2010


the bottom photo is the remainder of a smoothie made
with fresh pineapple, to use it up, cherry yogurt,
and a spoon of peanut butter for added protein.
then the next three photos are Kaleidoscope
designs made in PSP7---there are controls
you select for various options and the
possibilities seem limitless. I like to try
and figure out what colors from
the photos are where in the designs'
Makes a good deck of cards, book end sheets,
cool paper airplanes, ideas for color combinations,
T-shirt transfers, address labels, and earrings...etc etc etc :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Than A Day's Work

Here we have a shirt embellished with painting,
jeweled buttons, wired words and needle and thread.
Mixed Media--they now call, Mixed Media.... "hot"
but we all know it's been around forever.
I know I have oft been told I am
"before my time"....
There's the painted Sea Bounty
design by Winna and then pinned
on for easy washing removal, the jewels,
Leaving the needle and thread in the design
is an idea I had to freeze the
creative process on the work......