Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Thursday May 1 2008
Above, see him interacting
with a customer---he is about to
get closer to her so she can pet him

In his new home away from his

family and doing the big Cat Shows,

it was wonderful to see Cydonia in the

salon today, as he was happy to see all

the customers and was

being on the playful side. He has to be a

good boy to be able to be a visitor

at Evergreen Health Care

where the patients will

be delighted with him

What Happened?

Wed. April 3oth 2008
I'm always looking for old chairs or
new for that matter---that tell
me something when I spy them..
this one says, somebody cared
what the broken chair back's
story was----we can't
know what happened, but
we sure can speculate
a number of scenarios,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cigarettes for two.....

This was taken Monday about six thirty pm.
I had wanted to get the mill smoke break people
in the rain and this was the first time
I got the can see raindrops
on my windshield and of course the
light is dull, so, I wish they had colorful
umbrellas! I hope they can somehow
find a way to quit.

Handing out delights

Tuesday April 29th 2008
Here are some of the treasures
from friends (Nancy and Ann)
that sure enrich my imagination
when just looking at them. I will
now put them to rest in the color
system I use for embellishments--
till they call to me to use them
in some way. How much fun it
was to be surprised with this
gift! I love to collect things
like this and am happier
finding this type of thing then
regular store sh0pping .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"It's melting, it's melting......!

Monday the 28th of April 2008

Dorothy must have thrown a

bucket of water on the old tractor

still hanging around the farm !

Nice crop growing !

Sunday April 27th 2008
Just wanted you to admire my
progressing hair do---someone
mentioned that I seemed a rather
high end Chia Pet...
Mohitos look possible to drink,
at the end of some lovely
summer day---several of
the my leaves go in each drink---
......Sir Malcom

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tumbling Down Roof

Saturday April 26th 2008
Here is the front door with it's overhang roof 2007
Below in the winter of 08 it falls down
In the Spring of 2008
This looks to me, like a great dog
house, but too close to the road.
A writer could go on about fictitious
generations of people having inhibited
this very old house.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Partial Cover

Thursday April 24th 2008

This is part of a cover of the newest

book/journal I am adding to as I

find sketches that will get lost if not

gathered together. The difference

in this project is it will be 90%

interactive if all goes well---makes

it fun to get involved in for the

interested peruser.

When showing this to some friends last

week, they asked "That's you

isn't it, taken a while ago?"

"Yes, I said, several days ago..." (Whoops,

I meant 'years').... Oh to have that

youth, the energy----but the

ages have taught me well and

made me (and you)

much more then then .


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Field Influences

Thursday April 24th 2008
Wind From the sea by Andrew Wyeth

I often look to see if the horses are out
in this Murphy Rd. scene----when they are not
there I wonder about them---there are
more than the two white ones. This is
pretty far back up in a field,
from the roadside and I never
cease to be thrilled seeing them and
the old country style red house
that is hidden later on in the year ...
My breeze from the field photo
if painted, would include some
of the field (which is visable, just not in
this particular photo)that I have looked at
for over 48 years---
I always think of Wyeth's painting
when the curtains blow
why the big space between this blog and the
one before it, I have no clue.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Stafford Springs shots

Wednesday April 23rd 2008
The original Spring's House where
quests from the old hotel would
come to take a dip in the healing
mineral water--old photos in the
Historical Society show such goings on.
Today it still sits between the old Library
(now the Historical Society building) and
a church on Spring St.

I guess I will put some 'around town' photos
on this year long Blog Book---here are some Maine
Street stores ( January 2007) with the houses
above them--I painted
a similar view so long ago
and sold it at the town hall
exhibit to Florence Pollens.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stafford Hollow Bridge

Tuesday the 22nd of April 2008

I include these photos of the bridge I cross

each day in the hollow, to get my mail in

the post office in the center back, because with

the changes that take place each year, this may

look entirely different to my great grandchildren

when they see this Blog Book someday.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Monday the 21st of April 2008
Here is the glass background used on
original CD cover art by Winna (me)---
this process takes a while and I always
hope I can recall how I did it and repeat
the steps if need be. I thought you'd
like to see a final result.


Above is the shot I was working with

This is a close up of a hanging glass

garden ball---what I have created with

the close up, was done in Paint Shop Pro 7.

I happen to like it for the swirly ocean

colors with tide washed kelp. To just

frame this enlarged, I'd like, but then I'd

need that huge studio on the coast to

display in in the gallery for patrons :-)--- I will

probably use it for as a background in some

altered book project.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet Sir Malcom Mintholder

Friday April 18th 2008

The plant pot for Peppermint to grow in

on my front porch this year, I hope !

Gail will help a lot by potting the plant

as she has the green thumb for sure.

Her gardens are so beautiful

with winding paths etc.

The Violets are coming, the violets are coming !

The pansies are already strutting
their stuff---"picking peppy purple posies"
say that fast 6 times!

See under the birches , on the right,

behind Miss Marple,

the start of the violets poking up. On

the left is a bit of moss up by the trunk

of one of the five birches in the cluster...

that was puchased on Mother's Day many

years ago, with my five

children being represented in the

front yard. They are now twice as tall

as the house !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mz Scarlet visits Buttercup

Friday the 17 of April in 2008
Buttercup, "Would like a cup of gas?"
Mz Scarlet, "No, deisel is my drink. "
Nancy came for show and tell with
a REALLY great pocketbook she made
and after a fashion, left to go home to
put the milk in the fridge
before it spoiled in her car.
I always love a visit from
a truly creative soul .

Remembered Song

Here's one of my first attempts at merging
photos together---I used a photo of handmade
paper I made, a vintage photo of woman looking
into a mirror and added the poem song.
I recall my sister, Joanne making this
up when we were little (pre school) and how
we'd sing it in our shared room at night to
help us feel safe from unknown harm.
It has a simple
lilting melody I never forgot.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Used For Parts

I'm so happy I photographed this old farm truck
several years ago........
It sat there waiting to be used for parts
in the field in back of my house
----lots of material for
paintings, I always felt--
Yesterday's blog was one of the
near plethora of photos.
I may have driven it many years
ago, as we all pitched
in when needed on the farm.
I truly miss seeing it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idled Forever

For those that like a colorful gussing game----
must have exactness here for
the right answer---

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bonjour !

Taken out through the window yesterday.
This French Guinea hen is constantly
moving but his facial expression,
seems pretty much in focus and
shows his contempt for me taking
his photo---Since their main
diet is yummy ticks I am
happy they roam
around the yard.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunset Palette

A close up shot of the unusual sky at sunset
last night----it was shocking to see and
I took several pix----we did get a tiny shower
later and that's it----maybe today they'll
be more...this portentous type of sky
somehow, strengthens faith in a creator, if only
for the awesome complimentary colors.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is it October yet?

Sunday the 13th of 08
I guess I have quite the wait to visit where
these shells came from---

Friday, April 11, 2008


Saturday the 12th of April '08
Here are some items I found in
a shop that are the type of thing
my heart jumps for joy over. They
were not costly and in each piece I
can see a story unfold and plan all
sorts of assemblages with them---only
hope to get some of them done.
There's an
old spoon, flattened one might speculate
on the railroad tracks that run through
town---I would say a boy did this to
impress somebody and make another
one upset---so goes his life---until
the spoon becomes evidence in
a trial that rocked the town's
elite and kept tongues wagging to this day.
......Now there's just an example of
something to build on in a
creative assemblage. Hummmmmm,
the Oliver Twist opener---that MUST
have be one from the old
Pub people hardly remember
any more, but was quite the
place to rendezvous....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Name this place ??

Thursday the 10th of April 2008
I certainly haven't given this place a close
look in a long time and wonder how
familiar it looks to the Staffordites
viewing the blog today.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twirly Teens

Wednesday 9th of April 2008
This could be two teenagers
in my class, but it isn't. We
were not satisfied till we had
a "broomstick skirt" to wear
to school etc. They flared
out when dancing which seemed
daring and wild.
I recall, that just because a
friend's mother wore gold hoop
earings, I thought she must truly
be a Gypsey. We kept
the many folds in the circle skirt
looking pleated by tying the
skirt to a broomstick to
dry the pleats in.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Make a Wish

Tuesday April the 8th 2008
Here's the first robin not aware I am below
otherwise, he'd be elsewhere. I heard long
ago, that you should make a wish on the first
robin you see in the Spring and watch to
see which way he hops--if it's away from you
the wish will not be granted---
I have not seen him since and can only
presume he's fallen in love and is
wooing his intended.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

House Hunt

Monday April 7th 2008
Look around Stafford and see if you can
locate this lovely example
of long ago architecture. I dare not
even suggest the area or give any
hints---for they would be a dead

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Sunday the 6th of April 2008

I understand that if I wasn't

allergic to feathers, that Quackers
would allow me to hold her and see

how really soft she is. Kim is my

daughter and has 4 brothers.

Quackers has dogs to play

with and may believe she is

a dog or thinks they are ducks.
(She's a Muscovy duck)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dog Talk

Saturday April the 5th 2008
I thought some of you would like to see
the dog in the e mail contest yesterday in
full face handsomeness. You can get
a much better look at Corey, too---doesn't
he look like his father, Kent? It looks
like the dog is about to say something----I
wonder what it would be? Please
leave a comment with your guess
at what it might be. Just write the
comment, sign if you want---
click on anonymous and
publish---or something
like that. Good Luck !

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Friday April 4th 2008

Come early for good seats!

This was a day when the colors were

extremely crisp---the tree looked like

white chalk and the benches above, altho

empty now, are just waiting for the

show to begin with the returning

geese. Far across the pond could be

spied a 'couple' swimming over near

where they seem to have their

new families in seclusion .

Sleepy Time Gal


Nancy goes for forty winks after

lunch at Soup to Nuts in Sturbridge

Mass. mill complex. Since Wright's

Mill is closing there, people are

shopping the sales---boy, will that

place be missed. I picked up what

I could use in mixed media projects.

The day was fortunately sunny and

clear as a bell. The company

was sparkling and it felt good

to go out after the "back out" siege

just experienced.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First 2008 Robin

Wednesday April 2 2008

I saw my first Robin this year through

the back window, hopping around

near sunset time. I wonder

if this is the one above, born here last year

returning--looks like him !

Honk !

A flock of these flew over the house the
other day in V formation---that's what
caught my eye.... and I heard either two or
three honks--how exciting, it meant they
have returned for Spring! They usually
flock down at the Mill Pond in the Hollow
and that is something I love to observe.