Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tolland Trackside

Thursday Jan 31 2008
My back is much better, but I have
one last chiropractor visit today.
Delivery of my art work to the Portraits Of Stafford
art show this weekend will be done by Kim this afternoon.
When it gets to be the actual time of a show or meeting I often
don't want to go and have to talk myself into it or cancel.
It all stems from being an ultra sensitive type----
failure or disappointment, which we all must plow through,
rolls me under and then it takes a spell
for me to bloom again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wrong Place

Today's Blog is not placed right and is the second one down---

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"That's What I'm Talkin Bout ! "

extra for 1 29 08

I must have extreme sharp ears, for if I am up and about, I will hear the tiniest sound outside, even if I am at the sink washing out a few dishes.
I thought it was a mouse, that came in from the fields rather late in the season-- out in the front hallway----instantly, I am terrified of this intrusion and just pray he goes back to the field---then my curiosity gets the best of me and as I near the hallway I hear the same noise on the other side of the door---ah HA!---someone is out there obviously trying to be quiet---I will surprise them! Too late, they are in their car but I see it's thoughtful Mary---who has left me a red envelope with small red treasures in it. What a delight!--She's the first to do this except another friend brought me delicious red cranberry horseradish sauce, which will soon be gone without a trace of red remaining....each one of these items is special and conjures up "stories" to me. I had a time opening the lighter---to see what it was---a souvenir from a long ago New Years Eve at the Fairfield Inn back when smoking was a way of life and they probably had live candles at each table for the guests dressed in their finery. Notice the fellow lighting two cigarettes at once---one for his starry eyed date. He is anxious for the clock to strike midnight... ohhhhhh, what is that whistle for the Reds item??????


Wed. 1 30 08

These grapes can not be helped in any way to taste good----wicked sour and the only way to know this, is to try one at the produce counter--I think the store should be proud of what they offer and encourage the taste test---after getting ripped off with such fruit, I take a long time buying more from that store---then give in, thinking they must have improved their selections --and guess what?----still offering poor fruit----I often take such things back, but the meal I bought them for has past without them...we ought to get paid for our time spent, gas and distress--- at least I got some photos!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Charmed Creative Spirit

Tuesday Jan 29 2008
When I made this new charm Bracelet
last weekend, I had to study one
I had made a year ago to figure out how
to do it. I have sold all the ones
I made before, except one Ireland
one for me. This one honors
the creative spirit of women
in different paths of life
(Click on the photo to see it bigger.)

Cat Couple

Monday Jan 28 2008

"Let's just stay in today.
I'll make a nice tuna salad and
we can watch Tom and Jerry cartoons...."

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saturday Jan 26th 2008

Here's are my pieces ready to go in the front hallway. Please don't tell everybody what I'm putting in the exhibit for the Portrait Of Stafford art exhibit Feb 1st, 2nd and 3rd down at the Town Hall downtown.
It'll spoil the element of surprise

Friday, January 25, 2008


Friday Jan 25 2008
Photo by Lee Atkinson somewhere in Namadgi
National Park---which is in the bush part of Canberra (the capitol), Australia
This is the area my Sumptuous Surfaces (designing and embellishing fabric surfaces) teacher lives. I find this intriguing, since this is a place I'd love to live for a summer---I am now, very absorbed in the first of 6 lessons taken on line with Sharon Boggon. Acturally it's my second workshop with her. It's very much like a class you would get in college level design class and now my mind is trying to sort out the concept that will begin the design process for me---at this point I will commit to saying it will involve my homeland. I'll keep all interested, posted on the developement of this project.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Times

Thursday Jan 24 2008

.......either people have not seen yesterday's Blog with the Red Book or they have and are not interested in being a part of this ---must be one or the other. Just not their "thing". So, perhaps it would do me some good to rethink asking for
input and do it all myself, creating certain characters. That could be quite a fun project in the wings for me. I love waking up each day with thoughts of how much there is to enjoy. The photo above is a set up of a few items I've collected with "time" theme---seems like a nice old hour glass would fit nicely in there.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Book

Jan 23 2008
Here's another red set up featuring a great little book not finished yet---
the book was a wonderful gift from someone and is made of handmade blank pages which I just love and so I collaged the cover-- it screamed to be used. I sent out an authentic old letter to interested parties....they then read "someones mail" and wrote a letter back in response. It's fun to read them as there are not two alike in how they interpret the letter. I Think it's time to send another one out---any "Snoopoligists" out there that are interested in being in this book, email me

Monday, January 21, 2008

Schwanda's Lists

Jan 22 2008

I asked a friend what she was working on and got this reply:

If you mean what projects am I starting in the hope of someday's the list.
1. I hauled out a sweater I have been knitting and looked at it....put it away.
2. I started working on some fabric postcards, but then I got a phone call from a friend.
3. Made lunch
4. Went for a walk -- about 4 miles-- with a friend
5. Came home did a a Sudoko puzzle...but realized I made a mistake somewhere and need to erase and start over
6. Decided to put the puzzle away and read
7. read a bit then dozed off
8. woke up when dog jumped on me.
9. Read a little more to finish the chapter that I fell asleep reading
10. Decided to check my e-mails
11. Made a list of all that I didn't do today...oh well, there's aways tomorrrow

Sumner with Rita

My brother's comment below and emails from some of you have convinced me to keep sending the Blog to some people...if you do make a comment on a photo and you do NOT have to, believe me--check back sometime and you will see my answer under the comments of that photo. I'll always need my brother to point out the obvious to me and save me from myself.....
this is Sumner's site in California---click on galleries that interest you--you can see he does al ot of sports. too.
Sumner: "Well, keep sending it to me .... Jill look at my site ....hundreds of photos and very few comments ...
the few I get from people I don't know are great to get ... but don't give up because you don't get
comments every day .. sometimes folks just can't think of anything to say other then "good" "great" or " I like this one" and don't think it's enough to pass it on to ya."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Last Blog Send

January 20 2008
I am assuming sending my Blog journal is not much of a hit with the few comments I get, so I will not send them out anymore and just use it as a journal for myself. You may still see the Blog at anytime you choose on


Jan 20th 2008

This photo says it all about me going

outside for much---it may seem like

I'll never finish, but today may be the day

I have seven of the eight things wired

for the upcoming exhibit---

Saturday, January 19, 2008

That's some bad truck, Harry

Jan 19th 08
Here's Kim checking out a $89,000.00 pickup near where
we looked at tile for 6 hours--well, it SEEMED like it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I Coulda Hada V8

Friday Jan 18 2008

The best part of the exhibit, and you all would have done a good job on this, I'm sure, was making the comments on paper in the end in notebooks they had on a table---some of them were very humorous in their unsatisfaction---so we added ours and suspect the bored girl sitting across from us minding the er "gift" (yikes on the T shirt art!)---shop, not doing any business---would want to read what the heck we were laughing at after we left. I even signed mine Winna----who the heck knows who that is anyway?--so it was a safe thing to do. Let's see, the body displays looked fake and small, the addition of electric blue, green or coral colors to some of the specimens seemed tacky, the false hopes of "now, this next room will no doubt knock my socks off" added to the non ambiance as it felt like a school room near the end of the day when you're looking forward to going home. I guess I'll go put this on my daily Blog with a Photo (although none are allowed inside) of a poster of the exhibit, which by the way should not have cost more than $12 and the listening devices should have been thrown in free. So, a glass of V8 would have been more satisfying .........

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chair Scene Investigation

Jan. 17 2008
An old chair can tell it's story if you investigate all the clues.
Id' say this was not Archie Bunker's favorite chair as the cushion says a
a lighter person sat here and the color would not be to his liking.
Where it is worn where the head rested can give us the highth of the person who sat here many hours with perhaps a pet cat that
often sharpened their claws on the chair. The marks where the back
would have rested show they might have worn a back pack a lot. I saw this chair yesterday and it screamed "take my photo"---I'll use it in some project someday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Jan 16th 2008
Today is a busy one outside of my studio and this always makes me feel itchy to get back in there no matter how interesting the other activities are. I adore red things and collect them in a red (imagine) Brocade oval box in my kitchen---all visitors should bring a small red item as admission---no matter how many times I say that, I have yet had anyone bring some addition to my treasures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fish Tale

Jan 15th 2008
I'm beginning to see my assemblages completed and started the day doing more wiring. Then the news came this morning, that the beautiful blue Beta fish from my grandaughter's wedding has slipped the bounds of the bowl and will be missed by Rusty The Curious and all who witnessed such beauty.

Monday, January 14, 2008

No Driving Today

Jan 14 2008
This is the door mirror of my car this morning.
It's going to be a day of studio work getting things ready for the exhibit due to this Nor'Easter.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Night To Score

Jan 13 2008 Sunday
I came out of my studio to go score my daughter, Kimberly's basketball
scrimmage which I have done (scoring basketball) since high school.
This was a good time to leave as the collage I'm working on needed to set awhile for Liquid Steele to set. We live near UConn Women's campus and
play a similar game---(we wish)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


1 12 08
This photo of one of my Assemblages is about 9" by 15"
As it hangs on the wall, it is catching the late afternoon
sun forming mysterious shadows. It will sell for $95.00 at the Art Exhibit Jan 1st, 2nd and 3rd


JANUARY 12 2008
As I work on several different things at once and am waiting for
the boxed canvas for The Three Queens, I am working with this Beeswax Collage which features a class at Pinney School way back when, perhaps 1937. I have decided to mount in on a vintage Stafford school desk top and see what that tells me to do next. This will be in the Art Exhibit on Feb 1,2 and 3rd at the downtown Town Hall.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happily Corrected

1 .11. 08
I sure am glad Rob returned from Ireland and noticed I had called the Egg Warmer ( to be used in The Three Queens assemblage) he purchased in Watchhill, R.I., a Tea Cozy---live and learn, I stand happily corrected.
Please notice the wooden bowl painted with nest and eggs in this photo of inside The Vines. It is by moi, and pleased as punch to be there.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10 2008 Thursday
Change of pace here with a black and white of the acrylic paints I like best to use-----I found that one brand seems to work like the other with an extreme price difference and both are made in the same area. Something in my favor! I started using Acrylics way before they were "in" and taught myself with a book while I did canvas paintings. It took at least 20 years before I saw a wonderful Artist, James C Christensen use acrylics--I took classes with him in 1990 and 91 at the Scottsdale Art School in Arizona. To see him use some of the same techniques I'd stumbled on was an eye opener for me. I'll always be grateful to him for reving up my imagination then and forever.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Book Not Written

January 9th 2008
I thought the old fence left by the stone wall, made the
Memorial Hall in Stafford Hollow look on the sinister side and perhaps a good book cover for a novel written about the goings on in that
hall so many years ago. In the History of Stafford, this is where meetings of spiritual natures were held. Since I love to shoot photos, I also love to play with them on the computer---the fence is gone now and I'm sorry I didn't get permission to take it home---you just have to jump
while the iron's hot in life or be on the sorry side later.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mac and what?!

January 7th Monday 2008 ........ Today, among other exciting things I have done with this day is: While I was eating some macaroni and cheese, I decided to toss in the little bowl of chopped oranges to see if this would magically make this plain repast turn into a gourmet delight. By George, I think I've done it. I must open up a place and serve this to all the clamouring customers. Well, it was a surprise that I really liked it. In the photo you see all the tools necessary to produce the chopped orange with the rind chopped to toss into a bread I may make.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wish Tokens

January 6th 2008 Sunday---item of interest:

In Celtic history, people left bits of various colored rags tied to bushes by sacred wells as tokens of their wishes. This is still being done today in some places. These colored pins on a clothesline in Listowel Ireland remined me of them.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still Saturday.... Jan 5th---I'm thinking I will use these two elements in the Three Queens assemblage---I love this French Tea Cozy (fits over the cup)fit for a Queen, I did change the tag with a "Q"....then the old True's Elixir bottle is from Auburn Maine ---apparantly the Company was located there. This is fun to do---find something that makes you say "Aha!" to yourself.
January 5 2008
Wicked cold out so I am in, along with a disk in my
back insisting I lie down flat---it really puts a kink in my creative plans of working on the new assemblage, but forces me to rest , something I usually find hard to do.
The photo above of a friend's Shell Room is a reminder to me
of fun time with a friend or two. And of course the beach walks
I've taken in my life, which I would rather do than lie on a blanket trying to tan. Rob has managed with his elegant (My grandmother used that would allot) arrangements--all of them could be paintings.
All day I will hear the work being done on the old farm property with logging equipment. a reminder of the farm tractors working the fields when it was a dairy.
I bought some more Lock &Lock boxes for my art supplies that might dry up when stored. That would be markers, inks,all kinds of pens, glues of all kinds, ink pads, dyes, paints---I wish I had known long ago that they are the best---so now when I need a dab of Rubber Cement, it'll be ready to use.
Well, back to the bed in the living room that has enough pillows tossed on it to to not look like what it is---an old, but electric patient bed that is very comfortable and feels better than being in the back bedroom during the day.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Photo: Shadows That Speak

For some reason or other I had never seen this tree shadow before on the house---it may be because the tree is leaning and wasn't before---I'm calling the photo "Shadows That Speak"---because to me, who sees this house across the street everytime I step out of my front door they quietly shout tales about that house, it's past and present....had a writer lived in my home they'd have written of this place.

New Year New Me

January Day Four 2008

Been along time between blogs---but here's a new Year and I feel it's going be a special one. I'm glad I made it this far, still painting and learning new creative ways to express myself.

Here is my latest painting, "Three Old Queens, A House, A Lady and An Artist" which is in the process of my new wave of thoughts that say, "Hey, your work can be what you want---bigger and better----just do what you love the most....make an assemblage with the 8" by 10" canvas." It amazes me that I haven't been doing this for years. No, I have managed to wait to be 72 and then it dawns on me---well, that's the way the ball bounces and was supposed to, for me. I had just gotten sick of how bulling and huffing and puffing, reaching, moving and in general exhausting myself to paint larger. This old Queen Ann house is in Manytowns, USA, I know, but really this particular one is in Auburn Maine where I grew up. The Queen is a youthful look at an old Queen and the "me" (Queen of My Life) is there in every brushstroke and equal amounts of look/thinking . Above, also you see a work completed, called "Honk" with loads of symbolism created in the assemblage.

I'll be blogging regularly as I can make it---and show the progress of The Three Queens plus other looks into the Ways of Winna (how my work is signed.)