Monday, December 17, 2012

Slippin Snowbird RS 52..51

Slippin Snowbird RS 52..51 by ejmordasky
Slippin Snowbird RS 52..51, a photo by ejmordasky on Flickr.

Rural Sketcher 52...number 51 12 17 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Here is my study of The Zulu Woman by Irma Sterns 
this is the 6th  portrait done this way where
you learn how others did their work..
it's like that old saying (by I don't know who)
"Tell me something
and I  forget
Show me something and
I will remember
Involve me
and I will understand".....
I post my palette that shows the 
reference photo I had to draw from
with pencil and at least an hour to figure it all out...
then there is the pencil sketch and the whole spread
with the collage on the left....
and finally my acrylic work again...
do you have any questions?  If so ,
please comment on this Winnasworld on any photo to see larger

Friday, November 23, 2012

a post with A Diary of Faces class where we paint from the old Masters works to
learn from them...what we take away from the sort of put on their shoes for awhile.
This particular artist (Georgi Mashev from Bulgaria)  didn't have much to see on line.. but you could gather he did a variety of themes...and was well known for his portraits. He must have used oils and we're doing them in Acrylic, so right there you are swimming upstream trying for similar results..I found in this work of a
girl in white hat and blouse had close values and many colors, such as in the shadow areas...when I was done, I felt I had to add some emphasis here and there as the close values seemed dull to me...on the opposite page is a collage I add for each artist we study...a small bio of the artist info..also a story is
unfolding  with bits found in the collage...first see pencil sketch still needing some work...and the you see the brushes I used and a color I liked for the background  that has had here and there added colors for different values there...then the left side of the spread---isn't his self portrait sort of darkside looking...then the last one down is the final work....all comments are very much appreciated !  Notice at the upper left is a click away from my usual  flick site....I like to use this Winna's World for all the is uploaded to my flickr site just to send you here for all the information etc...
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Carrie Underwood Live performance of Temporary Home - ACM 2010

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Self Portrait for JK Portrait Party members

I realize it is only September---
from the look of all the pumpkins appearing in
 super markets and along the roadside around here -
-you feel the spirit of Halloween just around the corner ...
so to nudge your macabre consciousness---
-here's photo of me taken in the 
Dentist's office several years ago for
 preview shots for Invisiline braces,
 which  was a successful adventure  for a tooth gap

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Messin' - "Moby Dog"

More Messin' - "Moby Dog" by bcarman
More Messin' - "Moby Dog", a photo by bcarman on Flickr.
an imagination to envy !!! Thought you like to see some of
bcarman's work...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Three Graces


this page I did
for my Creative Journalists Society
with the theme of The Three Graces
....a new vintage shop
on Main St in Stafford Springs,Ct.
What I chose to draw was Vintage clothes, hats,
pocketbooks, hat box, pointy toe heels,
and jewelry, a lot of it handmade...
paintings on the wall and the
shop owner trying on a Chanel Hat
for me...the hat on the hat box had this one big rose
which I chose to print photos of it in different
sizes and glue them on here and there..I
liked the soft edges I thought they needed.
Also splattering and dripping  were applied
Below I have removed the roses

Sunday, July 1, 2012

JKPP Tatie by winna

is where you are---up on the left you can click to my flickr site.

for new comers...JKPP is a site  you join
and draw from photos the members post of themselves...
a really quick raw ink sketch
 with softly added pencil touches...pencil
My usual heart is not very hidden here and could easily be 
trees in a value that would work well..I loved
her interaction with Elisa with the sunlit coat and her scarf especially
would work out well in color , it seems to me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creative Journalists Society


I will be posting Creative Journalist Society 
work on Winna's World
These are my first two pages for May and June 2012
..if posts are mailed to
 they will be posted on Winna's World.

Theme No 1
Bravo's Restaurant

Theme No 2 Inspiration Station

Theme 3 The Three Graces  7  18  2012  

Friday, June 15, 2012

larosecarmine's photostream

LS Lowry's House, Pendlebury.Worden Park, Leyland, in the RainSalford Crescent, SalfordSt.John The Evangelist, Langcliffe, YorkshireLangcliffe Church, Yorkshire DalesBehind the Cottages, Chipping, Lancashire
The VisitThe Cash Tills, Morrisons Supermarket, PrestonBBC Buildings, Media City, Salford QuaysBy the River, Avenham Park, PrestonAt the Council Offices, LeylandFrom the Ship Inn, Freckleton
In the Ship Inn, FreckletonOn the Bus, Preston to FreckletonLeyland to Lytham via Preston 2Leyland to Lytham via Preston 1Leyland to Preston1Preston Bus Station 1
Preston Bus Station 2Waiting at the Royal Preston HospitalFolly in the Park, LeylandSweet Chestnut in the Park, LeylandAcross the River Lostock, LeylandQueens Hotel, Leyland, Lancashire
larosecarmine's photostream on Flickr.

I love the work and words of this talented woman--her watercolor is outstanding for it's sense of place and cover of emotions

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tracto sketch

aqua279Tractor in Palmarolle, Abitibi, a 25 minute sketchTracteur à ConcotstracteurTractorMatch day
Tractor SketchVineyard Workers Tilling a Cover CropRusty Old tractorLe vieux Ford de Régis.Tracteur et prétailleuseRusty Acres tractors April, 2010
J'aime les "vieux" tracteurs"!!Oh ! mon "vieux" tracteur !!!Ferme à TohogneSuxyOdeignele tracteur
tracteur pecheurLiège, manifestationFisenneChardeneuxen attente ...Vieux tracteur qui n'attend plus rien
Tracto sketch, a group on Flickr.
about to do a tractor sketch for them