Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Three Graces


this page I did
for my Creative Journalists Society
with the theme of The Three Graces
....a new vintage shop
on Main St in Stafford Springs,Ct.
What I chose to draw was Vintage clothes, hats,
pocketbooks, hat box, pointy toe heels,
and jewelry, a lot of it handmade...
paintings on the wall and the
shop owner trying on a Chanel Hat
for me...the hat on the hat box had this one big rose
which I chose to print photos of it in different
sizes and glue them on here and there..I
liked the soft edges I thought they needed.
Also splattering and dripping  were applied
Below I have removed the roses

Sunday, July 1, 2012

JKPP Tatie by winna

is where you are---up on the left you can click to my flickr site.

for new comers...JKPP is a site  you join
and draw from photos the members post of themselves...
a really quick raw ink sketch
 with softly added pencil touches...pencil
My usual heart is not very hidden here and could easily be 
trees in a value that would work well..I loved
her interaction with Elisa with the sunlit coat and her scarf especially
would work out well in color , it seems to me.