Thursday, November 27, 2008


(You must left click on the photo to see

the detail and read this one)

This is a page from an interactive sketch

book I have a lot of work in with things

to push, pull or open up---thus the interactive tag.

This spread shows on the left the initial sketch

and on the right a photo of the large acrylic painting.

It's called "Influences" and has lots of

references to people or things that

have been strong mentors etc.

One of my favorite things in the

painting, is my mothers lace edged

handkerchief in the lower right.


Shirley said...

This is lovely - I'm not sure that I really understood the book these are for, but can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

For several years I have been "making individual books"--that are different---this photo'd page today is from one that I based on sketches I had made througout the years etc. A few are based on pages with comments from other people, too, on Vintage Photos I would post--so The Commentology Society was born---these are the 'members' who comment. Some of their stories were quite good and very imaginative. WinnaJill

Anonymous said...

What was interactive on this spread was the note on the bottom of the sketch that looks wrinkled---it is the translation of DiVinci's quote at the top of the sketch page---I opened it for this blog--but it is usually folded up and you have to unfold it to see the tranlation. WinnaJill

Kathleen said...

Winna, Happy Turkey day I enjoyed your turkey story/photos and love the interactive journal - I am always amazed at the forethought and planning that goes into great art works - the salamander with lace handkechief is especially lovely - but I did like the face in the window will you use him elsewhere?

rrARTz said...

your colors always blow me away. fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, I'm sure if I need to have an old man's face peering out of someplace I would use him in the future, as he looks typical of what I'd want...I certainly appreciate your comments! WinnaJill

Margaret Ann said...

I love that handkerchief also...a lovely nostalgic touch.