Friday, November 28, 2008

Everybody Wave !

Here are two views of the same sketch. One was done in pencil then Pitt pen ink. The next was printed onto brown paper used in scrapbooking. It is not used with water color and stiffer than copy paper. On the brown one I used watercolor pencils (but did not use any water with them)to add color and sprayed with Matte Spray, as I did not have Workable Fixative, between added layers to build up the colors. Be sure to shake the can well and do this outside. I was going to use regular colored pencils and forgot. Right click to see better and read the words. It seemed awesome to me to be on a three masted ship in Maine on a whale watch and close enough to Campobello Island Canada to get some houses right near the water. A once in a lifetime trip for me---I have tried this with another spread and the regular colored pencils, too---the look is quite different from watercolor pencil when you use the darkish color paper...I did not like the bit of texture on the paper and prefer the Moleskine smooth coated paper.
...also I tried the colored paper to get white to show up better and it did.
This particular spread looks better in the sketchbook then in a photo..
I trimmed the sketch and adhered it into the small Moleskine
sketch journal with double sided tape--it gives the journal a
different look and lies nice and flat.

I need two pencils and have to order them--grrrrrrrrrr---no place close by
carries what I need---I better order more than 2.....


Owen said...

Interesting process. Sometimes I find the Moly paper to smooth, kind of replant even with watercolour. Nice drawings.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the before and after pictures of house!! Very nice.

Filtil said...

Very nice sketches..
Your Eastport Deck Chair make me dream!
Thank your for your comment on my blog. Yes, the edm challenges give me a lot of pleasure and I'm sure I'll improve in sketching if I go on...
Don't worry about your post in english : I'm a very bad writter (as you can see) but I can read english!

peachtreeart said...

The second (color included) is so vibrant and alive!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind in the comment department. I like the before and after is truly amazing what you can do with pencils and chemicals...the same can be said of women.