Monday, December 6, 2010

EDM #301 Something Cute !

I haven't been on track with doing any Challenges in quite some time--
today when I saw the "Something Cute" theme I immediately wanted
to do the book that was sitting in front of me. I had just found it
hidden away and was happy to randomly pick a page to read and as
always a smile spread on my face just like on the spine of the book
Published in 1990 it is truly a book I will not find a new home for..
it's going to be fun to see what others do for this challenge!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Rose Light

The close up of the rose was the main reason for posting
something "lovely this ways comes" this am.
I was stopped dead in my tracks with the way the light
hit the hallway angel holding the frayed rose.
Yes, I did move part of the fence that was
replaced into the hallway..and love the look of
"outside in"
each day holds these breath catching
moments, weather it be how the coffee
looks being stirred or the
telephone cord twist on the
crystal handle of the magnifier..
I often see floral works that
I feel in my own heart, would do
well to introduce the beautiful
light patterns---not always possible, I know--
for after all, you're in this place but once and here's
a flower shot with no shadows---
grab it anyway--it'll always have a story in your heart.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On The To Do List

I have been putting work on my flickr site
which you can get to by clicking on the upper left
area where it says to.....and neglecting
this one---
Here is a new journal page done with pencil,
Pitt Pens and watercolor pencils.
I sketched it at the table where it was
set up in top of a large sketch book...
then photo'd it to refer to, if needed, in
by the computer where I do my work of this type.
If you don't know who Wallace of Wallace and Gromet
claymation fame DVDs etc--well you've missed
some special presentations...all
the characters are marvelous and
quickly become great friends you love to visit.
You can Google them...

Friday, October 8, 2010


19 so 20 years later... I make a 5 by 7 of sketch Christopher's
scarecrow he made to sit on
the picnic bench out front for Halloween..
and leave it a colored pencil sketch as it just
says scary to me--more than a horrible
monster would--

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hot and Cold

My icy cold water with
cool lemon slice is in extreme
contrast to my yellow VW out
there in 98 hell degrees !

Friday, August 27, 2010

"Whole Wheat Muffins and Vogue"

I couldn't find and whole wheat
round breads in the freezer,
so I grabbed English Muffins that were...
With sprinkles of seasonings and
drizzled honey they go so well
with the latest issue of Vogue
which is like picking up a dream suitcase
loaded with all sorts of delights..
My first inklings of a career in
'art' were for fashion illustration
and that whole world--and I have
never lost this love of all the trappings,
materials and endless possibilities of
design that the ages have created and
I can only hope that the future is not going to be
everyone wears jumpsuits with
a vee embellishment !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Smiling Supper

(right click to see larger)
A very tasty super because the tomatoes
had a fresh garden flavor,
the grapes were very crisp and sweet.
the crock pot beef slices tender,the low
fat Mayo, Ancient Grains bread and
seasonings all combined for a
healthy taking the
photo and nestling the very dear stone
French Guinea Hen I found in Eastport,
Maine,brought back a
smiling moment
in my life.
I spied it in a quaint, set back
off the road, attached to a
barn gift shop.
I had never seen guinea hen curios
before and had been on a mission to find
something as the neighbor's hens often
go on patrol in my yard.
I gasped...and probably would
have knocked anyone over that
had been unfortunate enough to
be in my path...
The piece reminds me of soapstone
that I carved with many years ago.
I recall the residue from this was talc .
Not far from here is Soapstone
Mountain, named for deposits long
ago diminished. Now I drive over this
mountain to a mall for art supplies
not available here.

Friday, August 20, 2010


(left click to see larger)
I have been always in love with the Maine
coastal Ruga Rosa...wild what
I have by the kitchen porch I photo a seems an endless
cache of delights for me. Here a bee is approaching this
morning dew covered blossom and it thrills me to
to catch his little wings in the photo. Please click to the left to go on
my Flicker site to see a new Journal page
in my Out In My Yard project..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspirations Come from Many Places

the photo above is from the great book
on Craftsman Style by Robert Winter and
Alexander Vertikoff
it inspired me to chalk pencil on my
logo design for the name I use
to sign my work, Winna...on an upholstered swivel
kitchen chair. I Matte sprayed it
to to preserve it and like the look. My first name is my
father's name, Edwin (I was hoped to be a boy)..
with an added "a" is easy to sign works with,
being all straight lines :-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A late in the day arrival of a photo from Kimberly Soucey
(Stafford Ct.)
She says she wondered how the new little chicks felt about
their survival as they had just lost their sister--
and also since Kodak was giving her grief with
her photo sending she wondered if this would
ever get to me....


Thank you all ! This was a new Winnas World group effort

with the theme of "Wonders"

I found the photos such a joy to receive and enjoy !....winna

(left clicking on photos will show them larger)


By Sumner Fowler (Petaluma, California )

"...even weeds have wonder"

By Amber Soucy Lawrence (Stafford Springs, Ct)

...."I wonder how many times a day this tiger thinks about jumping

over the fence and ripping a tourist to shreds..."

by Edwina Jill Mordasky (Stafford, Ct)

..."I wonder if having five toes on each foot makes

it hard to find shoes that fit good ? "

Marilyn Scussel (Stafford Springs)

"I wonder where I will find Missy sleeping

next..she is worse than a two year old ! "

By Susan Pacora (Thorndike, Mass.)

"The fuzz on the right is from my Newfie/St Bernard

puppy. Even the birds are into recycling !"

By Ann Maulucchi (Bolton, Ct)

".... chairs on the just want to sit and wonder....."

By Pat Morris (Stafford Springs, Ct.)
....a child's
touch of wonder......"


When I saw the red shoes, that's all I could think
of was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
(there are some out there maybe
too young to know what this means)
clicking her heels together. and saying, "There's
no place like home"
This is how I felt a few weeks ago returning
back here from Eastport.
So, just now I put it together for
a front door hangydangy.
The shoes are stuck on with mounting tape
and the creation is on the top panel
of the front door...
..The tag I had made a while ago and love
the Victorian look.
This 50 year old door has had many a nail,
screw or staple in it and been speckled and painted over and over
so stapling this up seemed the best way to go :- )
The shoes could have sparkles added but I like
this look. I heard the woman having the tag sale, say to
her husband, "Those were Brianna's shoes and
she never wore them.."

Friday, August 13, 2010


while this is not a really clear shot, but it is so interesting
to watch the behaviour ...
don't forget the wonders photos are due by next Monday
(look below to see blog on submitting 'word inspired
I shot a series of crow and buzzard photos having woodchuck for supper on my front lawn a telephoto lens was used...I am happy my son, Kevin, stopped by to warn this was going to happen and to be ready with my camera...I think I'd have loved doing this as journal page but using the photo this morning fit me better.
I sat and watched mostly one buzzard reconnoiter from a near-by tree..
then was joined by another plus a crow so it became evident I was going to witness a once in a life time scene of their antics.
I had to be patient (hard to do) and got some photos I will be invaluable to me in future creative works. Ya never know...the buzzard would not allow (his or hers) fellow buzzard to join in....but the old crow, whom I believed is the high pooh bah around here that uses a deep honky type crow call to all the rest of them from high perches was allowed to share after he had convinced the buzzard first with scoldings and touching the crow is biting the buzzards tail which brought on instant flappings of wings---now that was a photo worthy of
being blown up---I'm sure others out there have other crowtactics in their memories..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Catbird Clutches

I forgot to add this to this site--it is the finished
CatBird painting of which I showed the
original sketch before I went
to Eastport Maine this summer.
In acrylics, on 18 by 18 wrapped gallery canvas,
it is offered at $300.
A unique investment for yourself or
a gift perhaps? ( I did throw on the
towel to
cover the work while it was in
progress and it became painted,
to become an
important part of the symbolism...
PS..."Wonders" (theme for this first one)
photos for the Inspired Word
blog are due by next Monday the 16th
see 2 blogs below for more information on this fun
project you make possible.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Purple Pottery !

Don't forget those inspired word ("wonder") photos
to be sent in by next
Monday as posted in the blog below...
a couple have been sent in already and
I'm sure you'll like seeing them later..
now.... here is a fun find from Eastport Maine this
year--some purple pottery from the Dancing Dogs
Pottery shop on Water St.....this tray I like to use for
making me feel pampered etc in the am usually for coffee
and wheat round. It needs a solid color mug and to find
a color that tied in with the tiny purply fruits was a little jump for joy !

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Small Wonders

The word to use for this exercise is
Haven't been on this site in quite awhile....
I'm happy you came to visit and hope
those of you who know how to send me a photo
will join me in a creative exercise ---once a week I will
put up a photo taken by YOU that was inspired by
one word...
...take a photo that makes you feel the word
in some manner and write a sentence or two about
why you chose what you did.
The photos will be due on Monday, August 16th---
(strict rule) and I am so looking
forward to seeing this all come together
on Winnas World!
The first word will be "wonders"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Start of "Catbird Etc"

Since I have packed most of my art supplies in the car for a
summer on the north coast of Maine... I have
but pencils to work with and an idea I want to here is the first cartoonish sketch
on canvas--at this point I am making all sorts of
choices and will probably change my mind
umpteen times. At first it was just the
Catbird then it started to grow into "my" catbird
with personal symbols
--will I have a crown?....will I add the
jewels? that the light to dark
life cycle in there?...which brushes
will I paint or will the tools change?
And what pray tell is one of the
seven veils doing in there? Am I going
to use subdued colors?
All the questions swirl around and will
be settled when I' am settled in Eastport.
I will be off the computer for awhile
when the trip begins shortly and
will be pretty far behind in seeing
your inspiring works...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

See Oh Rita !

A sketch done on a day where I could
not concentrate well with some sort of
creative block--but I liked how it looked
so here it is---I decided I will finally
get into a book I always wanted to re
read and that is mighty unusual for me--
it is fruitless to bang my head up against
this rock bound block---many years
has taught me that the book
is the best way for me
to unfrustrate myself..
Rita is a great Border Collie---you may know
how they can be--
so eager to do what they do best.
The 1927 Stage Musical Rio Rita
brought the title to mind---you can Google
Rio Rita Lyrics and see ol timey UTube
with dance steps...
nice old tinny sounding music


Left click on photo to see larger


The flower gardens in this north central part of

Connecticut right now.....

are often in three stages of development

..the budding, the flowering and the demise
I see a lot of symbolism

in many aspecs of life in these Peonys....


Take note of the Art Blog sites to visit on the

left of the site now--they are cool to see and read

for their creative work and minds...


Monday, June 7, 2010

I Didn't Know That.....

This started as an all pencil journal spread but I
could not handle there not being any color on this one so added
bits of paper collage---
Over 6,000 years ago the Belly dance began as a dance for women
alone. Young girls were taught it to prepare for childbirth.
The motions helped to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
And here I always thought it was quite seductive ---live and learn..
it's always extra special when doing
a journal page to misspell a word
such as Goddess :-)

Monday, May 31, 2010

On Cheat Day

each week I allow one cheat day for the foods I eat
and don't overdo that hardly ever. I've wanted
to make a banana wrap for awhile so here it is--
I ate all but two bites and should have stopped
sooner. The flat wrap is low cal.... the cream cheese spread
is weight watchers with sweet and low..the
chopped walnuts are alright---the sinful part
is a drizzle of maple syrup and a bit of Fig jam..
as good as it was, I thought immediately
after, that the banana all by itself would
have been enough with maybe some and learn.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MUSE VISIT #3 "BLUE 226876 "

left click to see large

I knew immediately I wanted to use blues and browns..

the watercolor background may look helter skelter

but a lot of time was spent on it and before I was

through I became more experienced with blowing

the paint around. Then I looked for a picture

in old magazines this time---and what I picked

was nothing I had in mind--they just said, "hey

take me, I'm what you want."---after they were

glued on, the meaning of the page became

clear to me-- it varies from time to time

when I look at the page---from words missed

by someone gone, to words that feel good to hear.

I almost titled it "The Right Touch Of Blue"

because that ticket was found in a hunt for a

blue 'thing' to go in that spot..

Friday, May 28, 2010

MUSE VISITS #2 Handy Advice

(left click on photo to see larger)
My 2nd loose journal page 9 by 12 on watercolor
cold press pad. It jump started with the
urge to use some of my white stuff on the mantel...
and seeing a color scheme in the photos I took
due to whatever lighting conditions were present
when I shot them--I do think the
side mantel lights were on, casting a glow.
Having a color scheme in mind set things
into motion---pictures are my photos of my cherished
collections , colors added are watercolor from
old small grade school tin, lettering with Pitt pens and
finally used the blob stamp from a massive
stamp collection thru the years...adding the
bird was something I do alot..the words
I wrote may have much meaning (ask my
Muse) or be quite
nonsensical !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Muse Visit #1

My first loose journal page on 9 by 12" watercolor paper when I
listened to the Muses---I was surprised with what I the page grew I came to like what I
was doing---I will do more to see what their secrets are...

Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Not Miss a Donut With Your Coffee

In this series of 4 photos you see a treat being made
that can become addictive, especially with so many
ways to vary the toppings--don't toast the flat round,
it somehow doesn't want that done...I use the back of
a spoon to spread the ICBINButter as it works best---
also something I'd never done before in my life--but not
on my 'bucket list'........then
I sprinkled on some Curry seasoning which adds a unique
flavor---next it's drizzle on some wonderful good for
you in umpteen million ways honey....then add some
nuts---here you see sliced almonds on one side and
sunflower seeds on the other---
spoon them around---I use one plate that is a flat leaf
so the honey won't drip and when that is lost for some
reason or other I use a very small cutting board to
keep them flat. They taste like some forbidden treat
(which for me would be a donut) with your fresh coffee,
which by the position of the pig indicates
the coffee is ready to pour

Friday, May 14, 2010

Past Friends Past

I LOVED paper dolls and dressy dolls
and funny dolls etc. I imagine as a child
I wanted to grow up and wear these outfits..
....and maybe be a queen or at
the very least a princess.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Spectral Visit

(click on photo to see larger)
Taken today across the street in the old Spencer
house now empty and for sale...this is
the back entry room with what appears to be a
spectral apparition that was
uncommunicable and faded away...
I am learning from a training CD how
to use some of the effects in a
new software I use---I would have perhaps
discovered this eventually but it was
great to see it demonstrated and then
go in to do it myself making my own
choices etc.... I am on a
mission of sorts to use
the program creatively.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meeting a Poet/Painter

(click photo to see larger)
In her career as a nurse and her duties with
The Sisters Of Providence she must have helped
a multitude of people....
I think it is intimidating to post
a portrait of a person who might not
like being depicted speaking...
but such a speaker only is
a blessing to meet...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi Anne !

Now, if I ever get the urge to paint bricks and
a whole lot of them---this photo I took yesterday
of a friend going into an art exhibit , would be one
I would return to--I asked her to go by the words
which I love and she said asked "should I wave?"
.....I was too busy composing the shot to answer, so she
just did wave and I liked that interaction look, plus
her clothes have great color and shadows....

Friday, April 30, 2010


Just took this on my front porch

for another window picture as

I am collecting them with my camera.

I liked the layers here . There's the cat

dummy board I painted long ago that

has become the Watch Cat for my house

and then there's me in the reflection

and across the street the old barn that

is for sale with the house of an old friend..

I love a mystery and here is one in a window.

You just have to use your imagination

here and cook up a plot.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tees for You

Making a neck piece with old t shirts was a fun

thing to do--I saw the directions in

Martha Stewert's Whole Living... and HAD to try it

Here I have combined two sets of colors

with a vintage pin I KNEW someday, I'd

use in a "project" of some kind. The sky is

the limit in making these.

Perhaps, you can get the easy directions

on her site.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here One Day... Gone the Next

(left click on photo to see larger)
One day last week coming home from the post office in the Hollow I drove by this house about a mile from mine---then turned around to go back and take some photos--both sides of the lawn had the flamingos all over the place, there was something hanging on one's neck
by the sign and also a smaller sign with writing which I was not about to
go up in the yard and read...
It made me laugh to think of the people responsible for the display
and how much giggling must have gone on. I believe the next day
it was all gone. like it never happened. It is good to have
your camera with you !

Monday, April 26, 2010

Side Track Find

As often happens, I got sidetracked this am
going up to the old bigger studio where the
classes were held hundreds of years ago
it seems. After sewing on a patchy
pink thingy I hung up the coffee cup I
had brought up to hang back on the class
cup board which brought memories back
of a missed student, It was then I saw the
Vincent Starry Night Guy cup I had for
gotten about---well, that HAD to come down
to the little computer/art room at least for
awhile--so now it was photo it and
write this and be thankful I did get
sidetracked---the sunflowers on
the cup are uplifting to me...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Odd Dream From Long Ago #239

(left click on photo to see it larger)

This is an Every Day Matters group Challenge #239
with the theme of "Something that scared me."
In the dream I was at a deli counter
trying to buy some pearls when a policeman
stood by me with his gun holstered, looming large.
I was terrified he would shoot me mistakenly--
- thinking I was robbing them of the
pearls.....pretty nutty situation, but
a dream I never forgot. Now that I look
back I can recall a traumatic situation
where I was wrongly accused by an authority
figure--which crushed me to pieces
Maybe that's a rather late
dream interpretation....
you may notice I have a bandage
on my thumb--not in the dream--just
for the photo I took of my
hands to help me draw them
right--I recently stabbed it
opening a package--with a really heavy
duty sheet rock knife.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess What

I sent this out to some people I thought
would "get" the answer to "what's this
I am doing?"---
well one of them has tried with three
guesses---I finally gave a clue out...
it's really not hard.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Art Journal Page Process

(don't forget to left click on photos
to see them larger)
"Juicy Fruit" began with a photo I had taken
of a handcarved crow that I stuck a strawberry on...
see it emerging below on a page in my small Moleskini
Sketch book...I've have drawn it in pencil and
then inked it in with a black Pitt pen
Now you see it spreading over to the left page and becoming a
'spread"----here you the the first sketchy look

Then that side is inked with the pen and it is now ready to add color
with watercolor pencils, waterbrushes and
some acrylic paints
,...Mellencamp has a good beat...

Here I used Black acrylic (in the bottle) paint for
the solid rich background I happen to
frequently use..
it's now ready for color...

I just hope the colors sing and bring the delight I felt.
You'll notice the fairly new winnaname logo I have designed
which goes on some works. It surely amazed me
how this glass container in the fridge keeps the berries
just like fresh ones