Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Not Miss a Donut With Your Coffee

In this series of 4 photos you see a treat being made
that can become addictive, especially with so many
ways to vary the toppings--don't toast the flat round,
it somehow doesn't want that done...I use the back of
a spoon to spread the ICBINButter as it works best---
also something I'd never done before in my life--but not
on my 'bucket list'........then
I sprinkled on some Curry seasoning which adds a unique
flavor---next it's drizzle on some wonderful good for
you in umpteen million ways honey....then add some
nuts---here you see sliced almonds on one side and
sunflower seeds on the other---
spoon them around---I use one plate that is a flat leaf
so the honey won't drip and when that is lost for some
reason or other I use a very small cutting board to
keep them flat. They taste like some forbidden treat
(which for me would be a donut) with your fresh coffee,
which by the position of the pig indicates
the coffee is ready to pour


scus said...

I'll take the coffee, watching what I eat still !!! but very inviting !!! Shop will be open starting this Friday and Saturday.

Anonymous said...

You had me interested until the curry can up!

Anonymous said...

I love the flat rounds from Trader Joes that have a curry flavor--so started using it makes you wicked extra smart and attractive !!!

john.p said...

I'll be trying this. My interest INCREASED when I saw the curry. Wife won't go for it, though. Since you make it as an individual serving, that won't be a deal buster. Extra smart and attractive, huh?

Anonymous said...

That's how the curry effects me, I can't guarantee it for all---but it might double your salary and help you win Lotto. too....winna