Sunday, August 15, 2010


A late in the day arrival of a photo from Kimberly Soucey
(Stafford Ct.)
She says she wondered how the new little chicks felt about
their survival as they had just lost their sister--
and also since Kodak was giving her grief with
her photo sending she wondered if this would
ever get to me....


Thank you all ! This was a new Winnas World group effort

with the theme of "Wonders"

I found the photos such a joy to receive and enjoy !....winna

(left clicking on photos will show them larger)


By Sumner Fowler (Petaluma, California )

"...even weeds have wonder"

By Amber Soucy Lawrence (Stafford Springs, Ct)

...."I wonder how many times a day this tiger thinks about jumping

over the fence and ripping a tourist to shreds..."

by Edwina Jill Mordasky (Stafford, Ct)

..."I wonder if having five toes on each foot makes

it hard to find shoes that fit good ? "

Marilyn Scussel (Stafford Springs)

"I wonder where I will find Missy sleeping

next..she is worse than a two year old ! "

By Susan Pacora (Thorndike, Mass.)

"The fuzz on the right is from my Newfie/St Bernard

puppy. Even the birds are into recycling !"

By Ann Maulucchi (Bolton, Ct)

".... chairs on the just want to sit and wonder....."

By Pat Morris (Stafford Springs, Ct.)
....a child's
touch of wonder......"


amber said...

What an awesome project, I can't wait for the next word :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooo.....this was fun and some really good photos too. S W Folwer

Anonymous said...

I am hoping the ones that have photos in this word inspired group will comment on the photos---I know I was so pleased with them--so many moods, some witty ones, close ups, scurrying, adorableness, thought provoking, wonderous etc....a fine group of photos for viewing pleasure for sure....winna

Jennifer said...

It is reported that the brothers retired as CEOs in 1993 and gave most of their wealth to foundations.ALDI has some great ideas.Happy shopping!~Micky Dee~ I hope this has helped you on the way to owning your new house. Working in the frozen ground and digging up huge boulders wore out the lips of the buckets. The best time to search for sunstones is just after rain storm.