Sunday, June 13, 2010

See Oh Rita !

A sketch done on a day where I could
not concentrate well with some sort of
creative block--but I liked how it looked
so here it is---I decided I will finally
get into a book I always wanted to re
read and that is mighty unusual for me--
it is fruitless to bang my head up against
this rock bound block---many years
has taught me that the book
is the best way for me
to unfrustrate myself..
Rita is a great Border Collie---you may know
how they can be--
so eager to do what they do best.
The 1927 Stage Musical Rio Rita
brought the title to mind---you can Google
Rio Rita Lyrics and see ol timey UTube
with dance steps...
nice old tinny sounding music


Anonymous said...

RITA :-)

Dan Kent said...

This is a beautiful sketch! When I am not in the mood, I often do nothing and then beat myself up later when I have no time left. This is much better.

ovson said...

Not in the mood??? A great sketch! Looks very like my Border Collie (a blue merle) called Knysna (Nize-na) who I keep thinking of sketching, I'm not sure this great work helps. Its no fun when the bar is set so high!

Tammy Freiborg said...

I've had a grand time wandering back through your entries. Love your drawings, paintings, photos. You have quite the knack for jazzing up food photography!

raena said...

What a fabulous sketch! And I love that you've shown your pencil, all chiseled up and ready to go.

Have you stopped posting at EDM? I haven't been by here in a while; I think it's because I rely so heavily on my daily digests from yahoo. Sometimes I forget to check my dashboard! I'll try to remember to do that more often!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent.

NatashaMay said...

Hi fellow blog hopper! :) Drawing looks beautiful! It's good that you have figured out what un-blockes you. :)

Anonymous said...

Is Rita on Franklin is interested in meeting an attractive, single, intelligent female for walks in the park, sharing a chew toy, and chasing each other around the yard.

Anonymous said...

Well, Rita is pretty assertive and won't put up with Franlin's Marcho Marcho strutting around and he must by all means not stray from her--if he's agreeable, we'll set up a meet in Jill Mordasky's fields of deeams....

Rita A. said...

Hi, Found you on the blog hop. I love your drawing. If you do that when "not in the mood" I really look forward to browsing through the rest of your work.
Besides I like the name.
Rita A.

Anonymous said...

This is cute..and yes, it's good to make art in a sketch much fun to look back on right!

Hi's so nice to meet a fellow artist!

I'm now following your blog...

and I've added the LINKY LIST to my sidebar!

come by and see me sometime!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Rita. She looks all ready to go for a ride when you jingle those car keys.

Deborah said...

Beautiful sketch! You should "not be in the mood" more often if this is the result! Excellent!

Winna Jill said...

I have to thank all who commented on the Rita Sketch--it means a great deal from me to get your feedback and I appreciate the time you take to do it....Winna

Christina of I Art Flirt ( said...

Hi there! Great drawing! I found you through the blog hop :)
Love ur site... hope you can check out mine sometime as well and maybe even participate... its an art inspiration blog smattered with other art and things that I do. Our current "flirt" is digigal collage if you are into that at all. Hope to see you around!

Lesley Purcell said...

I just love this little sketch, the dog is beautiful!

. said...

What beautiful sketch, love it. The eyes are really well done (whole picture is)... well done for a day with no mood for drawing.