Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Rose Light

The close up of the rose was the main reason for posting
something "lovely this ways comes" this am.
I was stopped dead in my tracks with the way the light
hit the hallway angel holding the frayed rose.
Yes, I did move part of the fence that was
replaced into the hallway..and love the look of
"outside in"
each day holds these breath catching
moments, weather it be how the coffee
looks being stirred or the
telephone cord twist on the
crystal handle of the magnifier..
I often see floral works that
I feel in my own heart, would do
well to introduce the beautiful
light patterns---not always possible, I know--
for after all, you're in this place but once and here's
a flower shot with no shadows---
grab it anyway--it'll always have a story in your heart.

1 comment:

scus said...

It is very beautiful !!