Friday, August 27, 2010

"Whole Wheat Muffins and Vogue"

I couldn't find and whole wheat
round breads in the freezer,
so I grabbed English Muffins that were...
With sprinkles of seasonings and
drizzled honey they go so well
with the latest issue of Vogue
which is like picking up a dream suitcase
loaded with all sorts of delights..
My first inklings of a career in
'art' were for fashion illustration
and that whole world--and I have
never lost this love of all the trappings,
materials and endless possibilities of
design that the ages have created and
I can only hope that the future is not going to be
everyone wears jumpsuits with
a vee embellishment !


Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in the english muffins than the magazine....yummy

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled you are commenting my dear daughter ! winnna

Anonymous said...

Yummy breakfast. You must really spend time thinking about what you want to eat and then take the time to produce it. I figure out what to eat when I look in the frig and go from there and how fast can I get it on the table.

Anonymous said...

Yes Nancy--go FAST---you get to eat a few seconds earlier unless you spill or drop something in your whilrwind dance...ought to make a good video ! winna

Anonymous said...

After a healthy breakfast and inspiration from the magazine it's time to power up Project Runway. You need to stitch up a creation that will make Heidi Klum sit up and take notice!

E*phi said...

Your food pictures always look so unbelievably yummy!
And the one with the bee is fantastic!

Btw: Thx for your kind comment on my blog! <3

scus said...

You make it all look so good !!!

Lisa Reed said...

So good to hear from you and catch up with your blog. I always enjoyed it so much. Thanks for taking the time to welcome me back. Glad we are both back to the nurturing community! Lisa