Monday, June 7, 2010

I Didn't Know That.....

This started as an all pencil journal spread but I
could not handle there not being any color on this one so added
bits of paper collage---
Over 6,000 years ago the Belly dance began as a dance for women
alone. Young girls were taught it to prepare for childbirth.
The motions helped to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
And here I always thought it was quite seductive ---live and learn..
it's always extra special when doing
a journal page to misspell a word
such as Goddess :-)


scus said...

Very good, and thanks for the "history lesson."

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Very nice page. I hate it when I miss spell words on journal pages too - they are too hard to fix. Thanks for joining the Artist Blog Hop! Make sure to link it on your blog so others can join too! See, I found you on it! How wonderful.

Sandy said...

Very interesting, it is good exercise and yes seductive as well, the limited clothing certainly adds to the seductive side. And Goddess, made me laugh, I misspell in my journal all the time, too analytical for such art work?

Sandy said...

And what is the artist blog hop - a new dance :-) sounds fun.

Dan Kent said...

I like this spread - very nice. I thought the belly dance was to prepare the young girls not for childbirth but for, er, something else that precedes childbirth.

Monica said...

hi, found you through the blog hop and so glad i did, enjoying your journal spreads. really like the look on her face.