Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Start of "Catbird Etc"

Since I have packed most of my art supplies in the car for a
summer on the north coast of Maine... I have
but pencils to work with and an idea I want to
pursue..so here is the first cartoonish sketch
on canvas--at this point I am making all sorts of
choices and will probably change my mind
umpteen times. At first it was just the
Catbird then it started to grow into "my" catbird
with personal symbols
--will I have a crown?....will I add the
jewels?...is that the light to dark
life cycle in there?...which brushes
will I paint or will the tools change?
And what pray tell is one of the
seven veils doing in there? Am I going
to use subdued colors?
All the questions swirl around and will
be settled when I' am settled in Eastport.
I will be off the computer for awhile
when the trip begins shortly and
will be pretty far behind in seeing
your inspiring works...


Anonymous said...

Cat birds have always been one of my favorite birds since I was a child. My grandfather had trained my generations of cat birds to eat raisins, (that had been cut in half), out of his hand. They would follow him around the yard until he would stop, take out the old film container that he kept in his pocket with raisins and feed them.

What also amazes me is the amount of thought that you put into your painting compositions. Your sketches always blow me away. Your attention to details and the meaning that you infer from them, is what makes you a great artist.

I do my composing in my head and shoot hundreds of photos with a painting in mind but never sketch it out.

Nancy Masters

winna said...

A comment from the Masterful Nancy is received with smiles---check out her website to see her vintage cars etc, a specialy of hers...


Anonymous said...

I always like the whimsy that goes into your work. You have always been outstanding in your ability to capture the look and spirit of a cat - dynamic eyes!! I have no doubt this catbird will be outstanding too.

Butterfly Works said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.....
I am enjoying your blog; your work is wonderful...you are very talented....

ovson said...

The, sorry "your", catbird looks very interesting and intrigueing. I look forward to seeing more of it along its its way to the finished item. Very imaginative.

winna said...

he's a fantasy bird from the Land of Myxx concocted by me back in the early laye 80's---a place in my memories that has quite the unusual inhabitents---and there's also the State Of Mayne--with several stories of a small coastal Village called Fish Head---by members of my Stafford Commontologists Society--that was in session for a while with members commenting on Vintage photographs.....:-) Winna

Anonymous said...

it's such a delight to see how other artists think and plan and process a work of art! i love that you've shared your initial stage with us!

can't wait to see more!

do come again!
ciao bella!
creative carmelina

scus said...

Knowing you it will be wonderful when you are finished. Have a great time in Maine !!!

Read Between The Lines said...

Winna, I have reserved "Xian/Nairobi" for you, free shipping for your trouble. There's something funny about that site and I am thinking about removing it back to "readbetweenlines" as a subsection. Thanks for your encouragement. Love your blog -- will list it amongst my adventures next time I update mine. Contact me at altiprima@gmail.com if you have trouble, and we can arrange a way for you to enjoy the necklace if etsy doesn't work for you. Thanks! And I have cat&bird stories from my Georgia childhood. Looks like we may have a tribal affiliation!

nanke's stuff said...

I'm hopelessly behind in so many things, but I do love seeing your work. This catbird piece promises to be wonderful and fun! nancy

Nanny's Room said...

Liking that cat bird and enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Gloria said...

That is totally awesome. Just art blog hopping. Your work is great.#167

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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