Friday, April 23, 2010

Odd Dream From Long Ago #239

(left click on photo to see it larger)

This is an Every Day Matters group Challenge #239
with the theme of "Something that scared me."
In the dream I was at a deli counter
trying to buy some pearls when a policeman
stood by me with his gun holstered, looming large.
I was terrified he would shoot me mistakenly--
- thinking I was robbing them of the
pearls.....pretty nutty situation, but
a dream I never forgot. Now that I look
back I can recall a traumatic situation
where I was wrongly accused by an authority
figure--which crushed me to pieces
Maybe that's a rather late
dream interpretation....
you may notice I have a bandage
on my thumb--not in the dream--just
for the photo I took of my
hands to help me draw them
right--I recently stabbed it
opening a package--with a really heavy
duty sheet rock knife.


scus said...

Very different indeed, maybe in the dream you were trying to buy "pearls of widsom". It had to be long ago, cause you certainly have aquired much wisdom !!! lol
Why must I always put my password in twice, always !!!

Nancy said...

I have found that events during my waking hours seem to work their way into my dreams all the time. However, my dreams are very vivid while I am sleeping and the moment I wake up many times I can't recall anything, which is sad, because sometimes I am having a really good time.
Nancy Masters

Anonymous said...

Sound fishy to me!

J. Edgar Hoover

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe you really did fight the police and that is why you have a bandaid on your thumb.

Love you noknee-amber

Dan Kent said...

Ouch! Wonderfully quirky painting! Love it. Now it isn't every day that you get to see fish and pearls and a gun and a bandage together!

Anonymous said...

Trying to buy pearls? Did you check the oyster department? Yep, it's a weird dream all right and the kind you will proably long remember.