Friday, August 13, 2010


while this is not a really clear shot, but it is so interesting
to watch the behaviour ...
don't forget the wonders photos are due by next Monday
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I shot a series of crow and buzzard photos having woodchuck for supper on my front lawn a telephoto lens was used...I am happy my son, Kevin, stopped by to warn this was going to happen and to be ready with my camera...I think I'd have loved doing this as journal page but using the photo this morning fit me better.
I sat and watched mostly one buzzard reconnoiter from a near-by tree..
then was joined by another plus a crow so it became evident I was going to witness a once in a life time scene of their antics.
I had to be patient (hard to do) and got some photos I will be invaluable to me in future creative works. Ya never know...the buzzard would not allow (his or hers) fellow buzzard to join in....but the old crow, whom I believed is the high pooh bah around here that uses a deep honky type crow call to all the rest of them from high perches was allowed to share after he had convinced the buzzard first with scoldings and touching the crow is biting the buzzards tail which brought on instant flappings of wings---now that was a photo worthy of
being blown up---I'm sure others out there have other crowtactics in their memories..


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you got some shots. I thought you lost your mind when you told me you were watching a dead woodchuck...I just couldn't imagine what the heck you were doing! Great shots!

Read Between The Lines said...

This is the first law of Corvid Battle Strategy 101. "First I will be a pain in the butt and then I will steal your lunch." We have much to learn from these wise ones!

Anonymous said...

Conga line forming...