Saturday, May 29, 2010

MUSE VISIT #3 "BLUE 226876 "

left click to see large

I knew immediately I wanted to use blues and browns..

the watercolor background may look helter skelter

but a lot of time was spent on it and before I was

through I became more experienced with blowing

the paint around. Then I looked for a picture

in old magazines this time---and what I picked

was nothing I had in mind--they just said, "hey

take me, I'm what you want."---after they were

glued on, the meaning of the page became

clear to me-- it varies from time to time

when I look at the page---from words missed

by someone gone, to words that feel good to hear.

I almost titled it "The Right Touch Of Blue"

because that ticket was found in a hunt for a

blue 'thing' to go in that spot..


Dan Kent said...

Well you found all the right things because this is excellent!!!

Ellie Canestrari said...

As much as I looked and clicked, I didn’t see the comment of the other artist.

I think the piece is extremely deep and most people will not “get” it.

When I see it, I take the word….words.. and transform it into wisdom.

Knowing you and your work…..wisdom is what is continuously washed over you.

scus said...

Truly enjoyed your art work, as always,, it amazes me how your artist brain takes over. !!

E J Mordasky said...

Scuss---you are the artist that paints your life--and what lovely antiques and collectable I see---with loving the cat, your gardens, your smile---see how your brain cranks out the way you arrange things special......winna

Lady Ann said...

The piece seems very lighthearted and whimsical. Love the joy felt in it.

scus said...

"Cheat Day",think I would eat a little more on the cheating side. Although you make a very nice presentation !!

scus said...
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Jules said...

OOOOH Winna - I've been off the radar for a while (problems with husband's health etc)... so I have just caught up with your latest BREATHTAKING stuff - Just wonderful..
lovely, lovely,lovely, lovely,lovely, lovely!!!!

Monica said...

love the helter skelter look! the water colour came out very successfully. i'm looking into incorporating water colour looks myself.