Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Spectral Visit

(click on photo to see larger)
Taken today across the street in the old Spencer
house now empty and for sale...this is
the back entry room with what appears to be a
spectral apparition that was
uncommunicable and faded away...
I am learning from a training CD how
to use some of the effects in a
new software I use---I would have perhaps
discovered this eventually but it was
great to see it demonstrated and then
go in to do it myself making my own
choices etc.... I am on a
mission of sorts to use
the program creatively.


Anonymous said...

Cool Jill, very cool! Ellie

Anonymous said...

Ellie, Wouldn't "Sigh" be mezmerized? winna

Anonymous said...

I guess you can fool people now that there are all kinds of tools available to play with on the computer. What program are you using. My corel "painter 11" arrived yesterday and can't wait to play with it.
Nancy Masters

Anonymous said...

THe Ghost Whisper called and wants the address for her next gathering of the Crystal Ball and Ouija Board Society.

winna Jill said...

I'm using Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2....and PSP 7 has been always there for me---winna

Sandy said...

Lovely and mystical!

Lady Ann said...

Seems so appropo for such an old home with a long and well-lived history behind it.

Anonymous said...

Just WOW !

Dan Kent said...

Mysterious and interesting..