Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First 2008 Robin

Wednesday April 2 2008

I saw my first Robin this year through

the back window, hopping around

near sunset time. I wonder

if this is the one above, born here last year

returning--looks like him !


scus said...

Now this is the sight of Spring, he is beautiful with the sun shinning on him, or it could be her. I am waiting for warm weather to stick around!!!

Anonymous said...

I do believe you are the
only one that checks out my Blog on a daily basis and I thank you for that---your comments are the only encouragement I get this way. I was wondering if you had heard the geese or seen a robin yet?....ejm

scus said...

Have seen the geese go over head a few times, they do make themselves known. Have seen tons of robins. Like us they are waiting for some warmer weather.
And you are very welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a joy to behold. I love getting a glimpse of your day...where you've been and what you're thinking. The variety of mediums from collage to painting to photography and the writing just draws the blog guest in. I feel very lucky to know the artiat Winna and the real Jilly.----Gail (send check in mail)

Anonymous said...

boy this is great shot jill ...
Alfred E. Newman