Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Violets are coming, the violets are coming !

The pansies are already strutting
their stuff---"picking peppy purple posies"
say that fast 6 times!

See under the birches , on the right,

behind Miss Marple,

the start of the violets poking up. On

the left is a bit of moss up by the trunk

of one of the five birches in the cluster...

that was puchased on Mother's Day many

years ago, with my five

children being represented in the

front yard. They are now twice as tall

as the house !


Anonymous said...

Jumpin' Jehosaphat! Are the violets really big and dangerous????? Should I evacuate all my earthly belongings and head for the hills ?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry they're shrinking violets. I'd be more worried about Henny Penny. She could peck your eyes out!

scus said...

The clump of five birch trees, representing you children was such a great idea!!! Love the chicken too.:)

Amber said...

Those flowers look so pretty Spring time is here! I should plant some of those at my new house!