Thursday, April 24, 2008

Partial Cover

Thursday April 24th 2008

This is part of a cover of the newest

book/journal I am adding to as I

find sketches that will get lost if not

gathered together. The difference

in this project is it will be 90%

interactive if all goes well---makes

it fun to get involved in for the

interested peruser.

When showing this to some friends last

week, they asked "That's you

isn't it, taken a while ago?"

"Yes, I said, several days ago..." (Whoops,

I meant 'years').... Oh to have that

youth, the energy----but the

ages have taught me well and

made me (and you)

much more then then .



Anonymous said...

I'd like a date with that cutie patootie
G. Cloony

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege of seeing the journal first hand!!! Very imaginative. We don't get older just better with age :)

Rotary said...

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