Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Used For Parts

I'm so happy I photographed this old farm truck
several years ago........
It sat there waiting to be used for parts
in the field in back of my house
----lots of material for
paintings, I always felt--
Yesterday's blog was one of the
near plethora of photos.
I may have driven it many years
ago, as we all pitched
in when needed on the farm.
I truly miss seeing it.


Anonymous said...

How were the shocks on that thing???!!

scus said...

Looks like it belonged in my backyard!! Don't think I would have missed it, but they say, all in the eyes of the beholder. :)

Anonymous said...

O I remember driving this International truch back from the chicken farm filled with chicken poop ... as I remember it Francis told me to pump the brakes because they didn't always work that well.
Fun times ... Summie

Anonymous said...

This is just the type of truck I love to paint. The old rusty trucks that become nature's planters.