Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Field Influences

Thursday April 24th 2008
Wind From the sea by Andrew Wyeth

I often look to see if the horses are out
in this Murphy Rd. scene----when they are not
there I wonder about them---there are
more than the two white ones. This is
pretty far back up in a field,
from the roadside and I never
cease to be thrilled seeing them and
the old country style red house
that is hidden later on in the year ...
My breeze from the field photo
if painted, would include some
of the field (which is visable, just not in
this particular photo)that I have looked at
for over 48 years---
I always think of Wyeth's painting
when the curtains blow
why the big space between this blog and the
one before it, I have no clue.


Anonymous said...

I think you should paint your curtain shot and put your spin on it.
V. Van Gogh

Anonymous said...

Love these photos!!! Reminds me of days gone by!!!